20 years of Infobeto: The betting revolution!

20 years of Infobeto: The betting revolution!

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2021 is a particularly important year for humanity trying to recover from the Koronovirus stroke, for Greece celebrating the 200th anniversary of the 1821 revolution, but also for the longest-running betting site in Greece, which has its anniversary 20 years since its creation and the revolution he brought to the betting industry from the distant 2001! Infobeto.com has a birthday and celebrates!

This year it turns 20 years old and enters the third decade of its operation with new goals and great ambitions. Something unique and rare for one website to have endured so many years at high levels and have fanatical friends who follow it from the first day it was created!



The beginning


It all started on a winter night in 1999, a Champions League night in a small apartment, by a group of men who enjoyed ball and betting. Waiting for a match to start, the discussions, the analyzes, the opponents and the predictions gave and took. In the midst of all this and at an unsuspecting time, the idea came up to make a site for them to enter themselves when they could not gather in a house to talk about betting and ball. That's it! There was no need for a second conversation, at the same time the search for how to set up the new internet hangout began.

For more than a year, the company gathered on a makeshift blog with the name havaletzidiko betoguru. But without anyone realizing it, the company of 5-10 gluers grew. You want it by word of mouth, you want it blown away since the Internet is without limits, new people started coming in and suddenly they started talking to strangers too! Strangers who eventually became friends too. Until very soon it was found that the blog no longer suited them.

So immediately, continuous transfers and upgrades began, until the final decision was made in June 2001 to build a larger "house". The beautiful company, the common love and the thirst to find sly news and clever ways to bet, they grew up without realizing it. Based on the love of the people and through the strong sense of the "suburban atmosphere", was born on 19/6/2001 at Infobeto.com.



With glued to our house


Infobeto has never been a simple website. From its first day it was the decision of its creators to be anthropocentric. Something very rare and pioneering especially for that time. Main emphasis on the man himself more than the object!

His first concern was his readers to feel at home, as if they are with their friends and to feel that they are in a place where they can derive satisfaction and joy, give their best and share their daily life, their feelings with a common denominator the betting predictions. And at the end of the day, do not want the day to end!

In the process, it evolved, adding to its main concerns the protection of the betting player from any kind of "threat", the constant information about the betting events, with complete evaluations of betting companies, market news, betting guides, but also the close contact with "cash desk".



From players to players


The newborn site was created by friends for friends and evolved from players to players. For 20 years it gives profitable forecasts having it top team of tipsters in the fieldwith first and best Manos Iliakis. We make a special reference to Manos as his name is engraved in gold letters on infobeto and he appears EVERY year in the positives with a huge yield! All time first tipster in Greece!

In betting, experienced players write articles and advise on betting. You can find bets and predictions for betting by selected players who show absolute respect to the reader under strict rules.

Every year new experiences that in the end are the ones that count in Infobeto have gained a lot during these 20 years and every year they get better with the provision of free high quality services.

Players who evolve and offer their experience to other players! Unique!



I was at Infobeto Forum


The foundation of this huge community was supported by the creation of the infobeto forum which was the meeting point at any time of people from all over Greece but also Greeks from abroad, giving to its readers exemplary "stay" experience that was an inspiration to all. It is considered a meeting point of most people in the market and players to share their betting predictions, for consultations, tips, updates, exchange of information, problem solving with companies, etc.

All these years, Infobeto has the largest gambling forum in Greece and one of the largest in the world. It has about 15.000 registered members and millions of messages have been posted!



Infobeto has dispelled the myth of the "faceless" internet


In the infobeto forum, thousands of people have "paraded" who in the process became friends and beyond. They became friends, they became close, they became best men, there have been gatherings of members in dozens of cities in Greece (Athens, Thessaloniki, Volos, Larissa, Chalkida, Kalamata, Chania, Nafplio, Patras, Heraklion, Tripoli, Cephalonia, Hydra, Poros, etc.) have made huge and long trips either for leisure, or to go to baptisms and weddings of members, until and to see in Portugal the miracle of our National team in 2004. Unimaginable food and drink have been organized, many celebrations with special parties, laughter and songs while every year a reference point is the annual pie cutting of this community!

In addition to the well-established and well-known gatherings of its members, from time to time militant football and volleyball teams who have taken part in amateur tournaments, with the aim of entertaining, sporting and strengthening members' relationships.



Special place


There are not only joys in life and it could not be otherwise in this special community! It's logical to happen but when it happens your mind does not fit! In so many years of joy there have been moments of sorrow. Sad parting. Very good friends from the company have "traveled" prematurely. Friends who infobeto he will never forget them! Aleck - Alekos (June 2005), kouvasbet - Costas (May 2013), salonicafan - Tasos (January 2017), Yannisss - Giannis (March 2020). They will always have a special place!



Connecting two opposite worlds


But there are times when you do not need words to understand that infobeto has revolutionized betting. How far ahead can someone be after all you understand from moves like when in a period of ignorance and zero information about the betting market, decides to bring together two different worlds that are on opposite sides!

And that is exactly what infobeto dared to do. What did he do; He brought the players in contact with the betting companies when he gave them a step inside the forum and allowed them to communicate in two ways. Both sides only came out victorious with this amazing move. Through the forum players could contact the betting companies and solve problems or learn things they did not know about a betting but also the representatives of the betting learned about the peculiarities of the players and their "wants" or even the problems that their platforms had and so one side knew the other and at the same time evolved!

- The roar of the stoiximan

As a consequence of the above move, suffice it to say that inside forum of infobeto her superhero took his first steps Stoixman in the summer of 2012 when the company was still in its infancy. 

Panos Konstantopoulos, who was then introduced to the forum as a representative of the newly established company stoiximan, was on the forum day and night talking to players to test and develop the platform to find bugs, to solve problems that every new company presents in its infancy. And not only did he get feedback but he helped the members with his knowledge. The result is amazing.

The company now figures at the top of Greece and Panos enjoys being rewarded for his efforts as Chief Marketing Officer at Stoiximan's company.

- Through the eyes of a trader 

Infobeto has never stopped helping players understand things unknown to them. So in another period, he hosted in the forum a friend of the site, who lives and works abroad as a trader and managed to reunite the two sides through one trader. With this energy unprecedented for Greek data, gave its members the opportunity for more than a month to ask their questions directly to the trader to understand how betting works and more. Things that few people know about betting and of course you can not find freely on the internet. 



The big του betting school


After so many years of uninterrupted presence on the internet, infobeto, among others, has highlighted many "stars" who started their first steps from the site and in the process engaged professionally in betting. Newspapers, betting and sports sites, betting companies are staffed by Infobetakides. 

Some have described Infobeto as "the big betting school" ... People reciprocate with beautiful words that are heard from time to time on the radio, with countless e-mails they receive, with special tributes made to the print media by people in the area, etc. The interaction of good elements always produces better results!



Competition Record - Huge prizes


It is worth noting that Infobeto reciprocates the love of the world with deeds. Only in the competitions it has organized, it has distributed a lot of prizes and it is worth noting some of what its members enjoy: TVs, PSP consoles, Playstation, XBOX, laptops, cameras, watches and thousands of euros in cash prizes and free bets ( before being banned by the EEEP).

This year the tradition with the competitions continues and infobeto has broken records by organizing six major competitions: the Tipsters Challenge, the competition for the Champions League, the Europa League, the Euroleague and the Greek championship and of course the IFC championship and cup that is organized separately in the forum and has happily reached 17 years of existence! The participants in all this distribute gifts every week !!!

But the most valuable gifts were collectible t-shirts, which was printed in 2006 and 2009 and distributed free of charge to site members throughout Greece. The social networks were filled with photos with members of the site from all over Greece to wear them happy and proud to belong to the infobeto family!



The most "unforgettable" bet


Infobeto, as we have said, is, among other things, intertwined with the human condition. From his very first steps, hugged the children at the orphanage of the Lyreion Foundation and every year they send what each member can to give them a smile, which is the most precious thing in the world.

In the atmosphere of solidarity, it is worth noting that after a suggestion of a member of infobeto, a special space was created in the forum called "Heart Betting" in which by betting on a special account opened by infobeto, the winnings were given to other members who needed them.

As long as there are people, there will be love ... And in Infobeto they have learned to love. No matter how hard you try, you will not find a more "unforgettable" bet than this!



History is written here!


Finally, let's not forget that Infobeto.com is the only betting site that has endured and has stood the test of time. Is the oldest betting site, since 2001, which remains on the ramparts and has the experience, knowledge and ethics to be at the forefront of events to protect the gamblers and the market itself.

When others give up and close, Infobeto continues to write history. "The old man is different," we said to the army.

Seeing all this creation, with the largest community of gamblers but mostly friends constantly growing, we can say that lifelong champion in the field is Infobeto! Having the best players: YOU!


How to fit 20 years in one text!

Do not fit…

But you can also help.

Get in forum and write what you want, from wishes to reminiscing old stories or creating new ones! The story is written here!    



Happy Birthday infobeto!



Aris Triantafyllopoulos

Aris Triantafyllopoulos

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