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For your entry to www.infobeto.com (hereinafter referred to as IB) and for its use, it is mandatory to read and accept the general terms of use applicable to any IB service. It is enough to accept these terms only once. The use of IB services automatically means your unconditional acceptance of all of the terms hereof. Entry to IB is prohibited to minors under 21 years. If you do not agree to all of these terms then please do not proceed to your entry and leave our site.


The content of the IB is news, informational, entertainment and advertising with a focus on sport. IB assumes no responsibility and does not guarantee to readers the effectiveness and validity of the information and forecasts contained in IB as they are personal judgments by IB's authors and in no case should be read by readers as a suggestion or encouragement to participate in games of prediction (eg betting, betting, etc.). In the event that readers make betting, they themselves will be at risk and liable for their potential financial loss, since IB does not in any way guarantee readers for the predictions and news it publishes, but only personal judgments.

IB provides (including) game analysis as well as prognosis of results. It does not provide betting or betting services through it.


Readers are required to make a legitimate and good use of the IB's website, in accordance with the laws of the State and morality. It is forbidden to traffic through the website pornographic, unethical and generally illegal material.

The programs, information and data that the subscriber acquires through his connection with the IB are exclusively for his personal use. Their retransmission or disclosure, or their dissemination to third parties, as well as their sale, is prohibited.

It is forbidden to interfere with the operation of the network and the servers of either IB or third parties, or it is aimed at creating problems or it is for the sake of joke.


The IB provides its site with space for displaying products or services through banners or links.

The IB simply transmits the content of the ad from the advertiser. The advertising material is sent directly by the advertiser to the advertising positions provided by IB. After that, IB will not be responsible for the content of the ad, as it will not check it before it reaches IB.

IBM does not provide any warranty for the products or services that appear and therefore does not bear any responsibility for any financial damage that may result from the transaction with the ones alleged through them, since the readers will be solely responsible for their transaction with them.

When the IB's website refers to other Links, this will only be for the purpose of facilitating and informing subscribers and in no case constitutes a suggestion or incentive to visit them. IB is not responsible for the validity and, in general, the content of these websites, but also for any damage to readers from their use, since readers at their own sole responsibility will visit these websites.


Registration and participation in the forum are free for IB readers. Read the following rules carefully before you start writing messages. Your compliance with these rules is a prerequisite for being an active forum member.

Forum Rules

1. Messages containing information and / or links to illegal, offensive, or generally inappropriate material are EXCLUSIVE. Violations include, but are not limited to, messages displaying or linking to pornography, illegal activities, illegal products,

2. Views of any kind of material or other site are BANNED without prior approval by forum owners. Violations include, but are not limited to, repeated messages for a product or service, announcements of new products or services outside the field of normal message chat, etc. If someone wants to put information or a link for a site in his signature, first contact the Administrators to get approval.

3. Personal attacks on other members are NOT allowed. Violations include, but are not limited to: locations containing racial, national, or sexual content, aggressive language, insults to one's capabilities, attacks on one's personal beliefs or opinions, etc. Respect visitors to the site and their right to write their opinion.

4. Anyone who receives an unintentional attack or annoyed by another through the prive messages must notify the administrators and they will consider the matter in order to take the necessary action. Punishment may be deduced from the demo selection of his or her prive messages until his / her expulsion from the forum!

5. Usernames that are offensive or display products or websites are not allowed. These usernames will be deleted without notice.

6. Blasphemy, ironic, obscene, threatening, offensive messages, sexual content or anything that violates the laws and damages the smooth use of the forum is forbidden.

7. You will respect the right of other forum users to keep their personal data secret and not disclose it (including their names, contact details and any other relevant information).

8. Efforts to reach forum domains that are accessible only by owners are forbidden. Violations include, but are not limited to, attempting to gain users unauthorized access to locked forum sites, attempting to change or transform forum software without approval, or attempting to disable the normal running of the forum software. Offenders will be prosecuted in accordance with the law.

9. You will not use these forums for the purpose of distributing viruses, software licenses, registration information, software keys, "cracks," or other information to harm or allow unauthorized access to any computer hardware, software, or any other systems.

10. You will not write messages that are clearly out of the stated topic of any forums nor will you upset a forum with intentionally repeating irrelevant messages or copies of the same messages (known as "flooding").

11. Forum administrators reserve the right to delete or move messages if they feel that these messages violate the above rules. In any violation of the above regulations, there will be a warning to the violator and if he does not comply, there will be punishments from short-time exclusions to expulsion from the forum.

Although administrators and moderators of Infobeto Forums will remove offending messages from the forum or punish members who violate the rules, it is considered impossible to be able to control all user messages and their significance.

12. Owners of Infobeto Forums reserve the right to delete, change, move or close a topic for any reason.

13. All messages express only the views of their sender and the owners of Infobeto Forums will not be held responsible for the content of the messages.

14. Using (reading, writing, etc.) the Infobeto Forum means unconditional acceptance of all the above rules! The owners of the Infobeto Forums in addition to the above sanctions reserve all their legitimate rights to the lawful punishment of the offenders of all kinds of offenses.


The content of this site is the property of LIGHT BLUE GROUP MANAGEMENT SRL or other natural or legal persons who have provided it with special agreements. The above content is protected by international intellectual property laws. Reproduction, reproduction, retransmission, republication of all or part of the contents of the IB by any means without the written consent of IB is prohibited.

The IB mark is a registered trademark according to the law. Any copying, viewing, manipulation and use by third parties is prohibited without the written consent of the IB.

IB has the right to unilaterally modify the terms hereof without notice. Use of the IB implies acceptance of the terms of use as they apply at any time. If any of the terms are found to be unlawful, the rest of the terms remain valid, which remain valid.





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