Privacy Policy




The Privacy Policy also covers the conditions for collecting and managing the personal information of readers / visitors / users / members of the website during the visit and use of the services of LIGHT BLUE GROUP MANAGEMENT CONSULTING SRL (hereafter LIGHT BLUE), which is the primary owner of the site, LIGHT BLUE is the owner and beneficiary of the rights of and its services, as well as the Editor of the Data that may be declared by its visitors / users.
This policy does not in any way cover the legal relationship between the visitors / users of and any other services not subject to the control and / or ownership of LIGHT BLUE.

The Privacy Policy should be read by all users as it should be understood how your data is collected, used, or processed when you use this site and is valid only at and not for other websites or applications.

- What are personal data (or personal data)?

Personal data is each information that refers to and describes an individual, such as: identification (name, age, residence, occupation, marital status, etc.), physical characteristics, education, employment (previous service, employment behavior, etc.), financial status (income, assets, economic behavior), interests, activities, habits. The person (natural person) to whom the data refers is named subject of the data.

- What are sensitive personal data?

Sensitive are the personal data of a person referring to his racial or ethnic origins, his political views, his religious or philosophical beliefs, his involvement in a trade union, his health, his social welfare, his erotic life, his criminal prosecutions and convictions, as well as to his participation in persons related to such unions. Sensitive data is protected by the law with stricter settings than simple personal data.

- What it means "processing of personal data";

Any work done on personal data such as: collecting, registering, organizing, maintaining or storing, modifying, exporting, using, transmitting, disseminating, associating or combining, interconnecting, blocking, deleting, destroying.

Any natural or legal person in the public or private sector who maintains and processes personal data is called processor.

Any natural or legal person of the public or private sector processing data on behalf of a controller is called processing.

- Who is the Law on Personal Data?

The Law applies to any natural person living. Legal entities do not have personal data.

- When is it allowed to process personal data?

  1. Processing of personal data is only allowed when the data subject has given his / her consent.
  2. Exceptionally, processing is allowed without consent, when:


(a) processing is necessary for the performance of a contract to which a party is a data subject or for taking action at the request of the subject at the pre-contractual stage.

(b) Processing is necessary to meet the obligation of the controller, which is imposed by law.

(c) Processing is necessary to safeguard the vital interest of the subject if it is physically or legally incapable of giving consent.

(d) Processing is necessary for the execution of a project of public interest or a project falling within the exercise of official authority and executed by a public authority or entrusted by it either to the controller or to a third party to whom the data are disclosed.

(e) Processing is strictly necessary to satisfy the legitimate interest pursued by the controller or the third party or third parties to whom the data are disclosed and provided that this clearly outperforms the rights and interests of the data subjects and does not their fundamental freedoms are being affected.





This Privacy Policy applies only to, owned and operated by LIGHT BLUE and does not apply to information collected through any other web site or to practices of other companies that LIGHT BLUE does not controls.
The website may contain links to other sites not controlled by LIGHT BLUE but by third parties (natural or legal persons). Under no circumstances is LIGHT BLUE responsible for the terms of protection of the Visitors '/ Users' Personal Data, which they adopt and apply.




For simple browsing, does not collect any personal information of the visitor / user.
The use of LIGHT BLUE by visitors / users is solely for the purpose of informing and supporting users in the operation of the services in which they are registered, the satisfaction of their respective requirements and their information regarding the promotion of new services.
The above information may be requested for the registration of the visitor / user in the mailing list to send the newsletter of the website from LIGHT BLUE. Also, when the registration form is sent to, the visitor / user IP address is collected, as well as a cookie is sent to the user's computer.
The pages provide their visitors / users with the ability to delete their personal information and information at any time, correct them and update or even disable their registration.
One page collects personal data when the visitor / user:

  • is registered with its services,
  • uses its services and
  • visits its pages.


In particular, the technical ways in which users' personal data is collected when using the page services is as follows:




1. Personal data that can be requested from the page.
When a visitor / user uses certain page features, such as when registering for specific services, accessing certain content or features, or when communicating directly with a page or service, they may be asked for information such as:

  • contact details such as your name, e-mail address
  • username and password,
  • information posted in community discussions ( and other interactive online features (,
  • search queries performed on the page and
  • mail sent to LIGHT BLUE through the site.


2. Information gathered automatically during visit and interaction of the visitor / user with the page:
When the visitor / user visits and interacts with the page and in this way certain information can be collected automatically, such as: - the Internet Protocol (IP) address of the computer,

  • the type of browser and operating system,
  • the websites he visited immediately before and after his visit to the page,
  • activities within community discussions,
  • websites and ads he sees and clicked links within the page,
  • the speed of its connection and information about the software programs installed on its computer,
  • aggregated data on click-through and viewer video rates,
  • basic connection information to the server and
  • information collected through HTML cookies, Flash cookies, web beacons and other similar technologies.


3. Information that can be collected from other sources:
Through the use of one-page services, visitors / users can access information from third-party sources and platforms (such as social networking sites, databases, online marketing companies, and advertisers) that include:

  • if the visitor / user acquires access to third-party social networking services (such as Facebook Connect or Twitter) through the page, user name and logins for those services,
  • demographic data such as age group, sex and interests,
  • ad interactions, and view data such as click-through, and how many times a particular ad has seen,
  • unique identifiers, including mobile identification numbers, which can identify the physical location of these devices in accordance with applicable law.
    Note that the page may combine the information gathered directly with the information received from third-party sources.


4. Votes
In order for users to participate in polls made on the site, no personal information is requested. The vote of the visitor / user is recorded solely for the purpose of concluding conclusions with regard to the public opinion position on a certain issue. Votes and their results are intellectual property of LIGHT BLUE.

5. Real-time conversations
The page may record the messages sent by the visitors / users of the related services solely to identify breaches of the conditions of use, as specifically provided by the present Terms of Use and for no other purpose. LIGHT BLUE can not disclose to third parties the content of the relevant messages unless their author (the visitor / user) consents.

6. Advertisements:
For LIGHT BLUE to provide free access to the content of its pages, ads are shown on it. It should be noted that the practices of third-party advertisers or platforms that collect data on the pages are not covered by this privacy policy.

7. Visitors / users accounts:
In order to provide an open and civilized forum for discussion, which guarantees freedom of speech and expression and law enforcement and human dignity, LIGHT BLUE monitors the involvement of users in the chat communities taking place in its pages.




1. LIGHT BLUE strictly adheres to the legislation on Keeping a Personal Data Record. The data reported and collected in the above cases are not disclosed to third parties and are in no way disclosed or exploited by LIGHT BLUE.

2. LIGHT BLUE undertakes not to sell, rent or otherwise publish or / and disclose visitor / user personal data to any third party.

3. LIGHT BLUE can only pass the personal data of visitors / users to third parties in the following cases only:

  • Insofar as it has the explicit consent of visitors / users to channel their personal data, which is presumed to be given when the visitor / user enters a member of one of the LIGHT BLUE Owners' Sites and does not file a objection to the above.
  • In the event that the marketing of personal data of visitors / users to third parties who cooperate with the LIGHT BLUE property pages becomes necessary for the implementation of users' requests. Third parties (natural or legal persons) cooperating with the LIGHT BLUE property websites have the right to process personal data that visitors / users of the pages deposit with them only to the extent strictly necessary to provide support to such services.
  • Provided that the distribution of personal data is required by a provision of the Law and solely to the competent authorities.
  • LIGHT BLUE can also serve statistical analysis purposes and, in order to collect information about how its pages and services are used, keep it in aggregate form and analyze the data collected to improve the functionality of the pages and services and to better shape their content and design.




1. Email Communications (e-email)
With the consent of the visitor / user, personal information collected can be used to send email material to the user such as newsletters, account information, or page changes visits and, with its consent, advertising messages for LIGHT BLUE products or services or for its marketing partner products and services.
If the visitor / user enters one of LIGHT BLUE's email newsletters, they will also be sent the requested newsletter.

2. Disclosure of information to third parties
LIGHT BLUE respects the privacy of visitors / users and shares information about them, under certain circumstances alone. In particular, user-related information becomes available to other companies, applications or individuals, exclusively in the circumstances listed below:

  • Third-party information or information that does not directly identify users may be shared with third parties to facilitate the development of content, services, and advertising. It is emphasized that no contact information is disclosed to third parties advertised on the pages.
  • The provision of services related to the pages, such as database management, maintenance services, analytics, marketing, data processing and distribution of e-mail and text messages, can be delegated by LIGHT BLUE to third parties. These third parties will have access to information relating to Users only for the performance of their above mentioned duties on behalf of LIGHT BLUE.
  • Visitor / user information may be shared to investigate and / or prevent unlawful activities if suspected fraud is suspected, in circumstances involving potential threats to the physical integrity or other rights and interests of any person, or if required by as well as in other cases where LIGHT BLUE considers in good faith that disclosure of information is necessary.
  • More generally, in addition to the above cases, the information gathered can be used for any other purposes that will be disclosed to visitors / users at the time the information is collected or upon their consent.


3. Third party services
To simplify a sign-up process, visitors / users are given the ability to access or interact with third-party services such as Facebook, windows live, yahoo, or google. When linking to the pages through these third party services, information may be shared with third-party service providers, and vice versa, they may notify LIGHT BLUE about visitors / users.
When visitors / users allow LIGHT BLUE LTD to access their data through a third party service to create a profile on a page, this data may be used for various purposes, such as:

  • The automatic creation of relationships in the LIGHT BLUE system. For example, if the visitor / user logs on to a page through a service with a public list of friends, such as facebook, the Company can check if any followers of the individual visitor / user on Facebook are also members of the page. In this case, the visitor / user's relationship will be replayed to facebook with these members, setting them up to followers, followers or friends on the page.
  • Proposals for relations. For example, if a visitor / user connects to the page through a service that has a private contact list (such as Google and Yahoo!), LIGHT BLUE checks its contacts for people who are members of the page and it is proposed to become a follower of these users. It is underlined that this process is not automatic. The visitor / user must choose to accept becoming a follower of these proposed users.
  • Fill out a list of potential friends to which the visitor / user can send an email. When users share content with their friends, using, for example, the forward-to-a-friend feature, the page can use friends lists from third-party services to create a contact list in which the individual visitor / user can choose to send the e-mail.
  • Fill in a list of potential friends to whom the visitor / user can send specific service messages. For example, friends from third-party friends lists can be used to create a list of contacts whose members the visitor / user can choose to send an invitation to view an interactive presentation.
  • To enhance and personalize the visitor / user experience on pages when he is logged in through a third party service, LIGHT BLUE can access some of his account information, such as his / her profile picture, which stories are popular on the network and what his friends say about some articles or posts.
    In addition, in the event of Facebook linking to the page, the visitor / user can automatically see what stories are popular on his network and what his friends say about specific stories.




The personal data of contestants organized by are collected and maintained in a file processed by the Promoter (LIGHT BLUE). The purpose of collecting, maintaining and processing personal data is to support the necessary activities within and for the sole purpose of the competitions organized under the care of LIGHT BLUE. The personal details of the participants will be retained by the organizing company and will be used for the purposes of the competitions, namely to verify the winners' details, to render the gifts to them, to communicate with them for the regulation of the details of their participation and more generally to complete all the necessary actions and to update them (such as the sending of promotional material if requested by the participant).




The pages can use cookies for the proper operation of their services and their pages. Cookies are small text files (in .txt format) that are sent and stored on the hard drive of each visitor / user's computer if the latter has chosen to accept cookies. Cookies are used only to facilitate visitor / user access to specific page services as well as for statistical purposes in order to determine the areas in which page services are useful or popular.
The visitor / user may configure his / her browser in such a way that he or he warns the user to use cookies on specific page services or not allow the acceptance of the use of cookies under any circumstances. If the visitor / user does not wish to use cookies to identify them, they may not have access to these services.




The IP address is determined by the connection provider through which the visitor / user has access to the Internet and then to the Website. The IP address is kept for technical purposes, as well as for addressing issues related to the security of the page systems (server, data base, network, etc.). The access IP address of the visitor / user may be notified by LIGHT BLUE if requested by the competent police, judicial or other state authorities, always observing the lawful procedure.




1. The visitor / user can at any time disable his / her account by visiting the preferences page in his / her profile. When he disables his account, his profile will be deactivated, but his public comments will remain on the page he has visited and has used his services. The page will not disable, remove or process any of its public activities or any submission resulting from its public activities. The user who wants to be deleted from has the ability to do so from his profile by the "Delete Profile" button ( A user who wants to be deleted from the forum can send an email using the contact form (

2. In addition, many third-party ad networks are members of the IAB (IAB). In order to exclude the visitor / user from using the information collected by IAB members for behavioral advertising, to obtain information about the technologies that may be used by these ad networks and to see the privacy policies that apply, they are advised to visit the IAB Web site.

3. Flash Cookies. The visitor / user can check how Flash cookies are used by visiting the Adobe website. Adobe enables the visitor / user to allow some Flash cookies from certain websites, limit the ability to store Flash cookies and exclude all Flash cookies altogether. In addition, if Mozilla Firefox is used as a browser, it can download the BetterPrivacy add-on to automatically delete Flash cookies each time the browser shuts down.

4. LIGHT BLUE does not have access to or control the cookies of advertisers or service providers, and third party information practices are not covered by this privacy policy.




LIGHTBLUE LTD entitles users to delete their personal data, correct and / or update their personal data and / or suspend their registration at any time by simply visiting the relevant LIGHT BLUE service.




Access to visitor / user contact information is limited to employees or service providers who reasonably believe they need to know this information to provide products or services to visitors / users or to perform their work. Technical, physical and administrative procedures that are appropriate to protect information regarding Users from loss, misuse and alteration have also been adopted.
It is underlined that no data transmission or storage can be guaranteed as 100% secure.




Users of pages that are minors or adults under the age of 21 are not allowed to access their services, which may be considered unsuitable for minors and which can not be controlled by LIGHT BLUE. In any section or service that may contain material that is inappropriate / abusive / immoral there is a warning to visitors / users. In the event, however, minor users will voluntarily visit pages that are inappropriate / offensive / immoral and which can not be continuously checked, LIGHT BLUE bears no responsibility.
LIGHT BLUE does not knowingly collect personal information from visitors under 21 years. If it finds that it has collected any personal information from a visitor under 21 years without a verifiable parental consent, it will delete the information from its database as soon as possible.




At any time, you can file a complaint with your local data protection authority or at Romanian Data Protection Service if you believe that the processing of your personal data explained above violates the GDPR.


applicable law


The management and protection of the personal data of the visitor / user of the services of LIGHT BLUE pages is subject to the terms of this policy and the relevant provisions of the legislation on the protection of personal data as amended and in force today and supplemented by its decisions Chairman of the Personal Data Protection Commission and other relevant legislative acts in this context, any relevant regulation would be an amendment to this with regard to the specific scope.
In any case, LIGHT BLUE reserves the right to modify the terms of this privacy policy within the existing or potentially new legal framework, after informing the visitors / users. The use of the services of the pages implies the full and unconditional acceptance of the terms hereof.
In the event that a visitor / user does not agree with the terms of protection of personal data provided herein, he / she must not use the services of the pages.




This Privacy Policy applies to 25 May 2018. is the property of the company:


Bucharest, no 7 Patriots Street, block PM6, sc. 4, 3rd floor, ap. no 121, room no 1, district 3.

Zip code: 032282

Reg. Number: 36976770



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