Detailed guide to SuperLeague Playoffs and Playouts

Detailed guide to SuperLeague Playoffs and Playouts

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It may be too late, but it's a fact. The SuperLeague returns -from where it stopped- after a break of three months and makes a cross on June 7 (s.s. next Saturday).

It was the beginning of March (specifically the 1st of the month) when the last match of the regular season took place, from where the 6 teams of the playoffs and the 8 of the playoffs emerged.

The process is as follows: in the playoffs there will be 10 games with the teams playing inside and outside with everyone and in the playoffs 7 games.

The teams start the playoffs with the same points that completed the regular season, while all matches are played behind closed doors.

The program and score of the playoffs

The draw was fun and in the first game of the playoffs he made two big derbies. At Stoiximan you can see the odds for the first three games of the playoffs.


* PAOK has been penalized with a deduction of 7 points.

1i racing

Saturday - 06/06 - (21:30) Aris - OFI
Sunday - 07/06 - (19:30) PAOK - Olympiacos
Sunday - 07/06 - (21:30) AEK - Panathinaikos

2i racing

Panathinaikos - PAOK
Olympiacos - Aris

3i racing

AEK - Aris
Olympiakos - Panathinaikos

4i racing

AEK - Olympiacos
Aris - PAOK
OFI - Panathinaikos

5i racing

Panathinaikos - Aris
Olympiacos - OFI

6i racing

Aris - AEK
Panathinaikos - Olympiacos

7i racing

Aris - Olympiacos
PAOK - Panathinaikos

8i racing

OFI - Aris
Olympiacos - PAOK
Panathinaikos - AEK

9i racing

Aris - Panathinaikos
OFI - Olympic

10i racing

Olympiacos - AEK
PAOK - Aris
Panathinaikos - OFI

The game starts again in the Greek Super League with 0% rake in all matches! * Terms & Conditions | 21+

The program and the score of the playoffs

In the playoffs there are some special parameters that give some advantages to specific teams according to the position they completed in the season. The teams from 7th to 10th place give four home matches and three away games, while from 11th to 14th place, they play the three games at home and the four away games.

The SuperLeague playoffs and playoffs are played at Interwetten

H rating:

* Panionios has been penalized with a deduction of 6 points.
* Xanthi has been punished by deducting 12 points.

1ing Match





2ing Match





3ing Match





4ing Match




Panionios - Xanthi

5ing Match





6ing Match





7ing Match





See the best betting odds of playoffs and play-outs in the SuperLeague

Title, European tickets and demotion

The champion is the team (of those who participated in the Playoffs) which after the completion of the Playoffs will have the highest score (ie it will have accumulated the most points during the Normal Period and the Playoffs in total).

The champion will also get the ticket for the Champions League (3rd qualifying round).

The team that wins the 2nd place will also take part in the Champions League, but starting from the 2nd qualifying round of the process. This year, there are 5 teams coming out of Europe. So, if the first two take part in the Champions League, there are three tickets left for the Europa League.

It should be noted that Panathinaikos is penalized and does not have the right to participate in the European Cups (it has appealed), so it is logical that the teams that will take part in the playoffs have already secured a European ticket.

Of course, it remains to be seen what will happen with the Cup, as the winner (of the Cup) will get the "good" ticket (3rd qualifier). However, if the winner of the Cup is one of the teams that will be present in the Champions League, the "good" ticket will go to the team that will win the 3rd place in the playoffs.

In the playoffs, the 14th team is relegated directly and the 13th will play a draw with the 2nd team of SuperLeague 2 (former Football League). The winner will win the last ticket for the big category.

In case two or more teams are tied, after the completion of the Playoffs and Playouts Phase (BP phase), the following criteria will be applied in order:

i. In the event that the scoreboard shows a tie, then a new, auxiliary team is drawn up for the tiered teams, with all the points scored by each of them in all the matches of the Championship (ie he will have accumulated the most points). during the Normal Period and Playoffs / Playouts cumulatively).

ii. If, after the drafting of the above auxiliary table, a new team tie is reached, then for the teams that are tied again, a new, auxiliary table is drawn up based on the goal difference between each of the newly ranked teams in all of them. between the matches of the Championship (ie it will have the biggest goal difference in the matches between them during the Normal Period and the Playoffs / Playouts in total).

iii. If even then a new team leveling occurs, then, for the re-leveling teams, a new special auxiliary table is drawn up based on the position of each team among the re-equalized teams in the Normal Period of the Championship according to par. 6 above. .




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