July Report: The high "flights" of Infobeto Tipsters continued

July Report: The high "flights" of Infobeto Tipsters continued

from / BETTING ADVICE / Tuesday, 03 August 2021 10: 44

New month, new goals, new adventures. At Infobeto every month is unique, because the work done within the site is unique.

Tipsters with real expertise in leagues that few know and always have the advantage over even the bettors! We do not say that, but history and numbers.

And at this point come the gamblers who are a special category in their own right. Most people read about every match they want to bet on, look for spicy stories, calculate the background a lot, discuss their views and in the end take a look if the others agree with it.

For about 20 years that there is betting in Greece, there is a site that is always next to the player. Long before its time, it created the first and only to date internet community of gamblers in Greece.

The first betting forum was born through Infobeto 20 years ago and has only been growing ever since! Generations and generations have passed and the experience that overflows can be seen in profit percentages of his tipsters.

Last year found infobeto to continue to sit on the throne of winners. The numbers confirm that he still has the top group of tipsters with numbers that continue to cause dizziness every month of the new year. 

In June, in the days when the biggest event of the year was running, the Euro2020 Infobeto Tipsters enchanted with their performance. Some of them exceeded 20% Yield, while the Mitropoulos reached the unreal 55.74%!


The July numbers



In such difficult times, with the financial data being very limited, infobeto stands by the player, offering him free profitable predictions through proper tactics and certainly helped his loyal readers to strengthen their wine cellar, but also develop them as gamblers.




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Statistics Tipsters

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  • Hot Tipsters (Streak)

Tipster Profit Yield
MITROPOULOS +125.02 + 12.92 %
ΚΑΛΑΜΠΑΛΙΚΗΣ +44.33 + 9.05 %
SOLAR +5.85 + 0.69 %
RAPTAKIS +1.74 + 0.38 %
ERTZAN -1.24% -5.17%
FOUNTOULAKIS -15.49% -1.88%
PRAGUE -53.51% -17.96%

Tipster Profit Yield
SOLAR +1061.76 + 11.69 %
PRAGUE +203.39 + 13.04 %
ΚΑΛΑΜΠΑΛΙΚΗΣ +130.48 + 12.57 %
MITROPOULOS +75.65 + 2.58 %
RAPTAKIS +71.84 + 1.58 %
ERTZAN +14.37 + 0.32 %
FOUNTOULAKIS -39.10% -3.44%

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