• 11
  • Aug 2022
  • 21:00

International Matches Aris - Maccabi Tel Aviv

Thursday, 11 August 2022 13: 32


  • Kl. Vikelidis (22.800 ) Thessaloniki
  • First match (Maccabi-Aris 2-0)
Sixth match and rhythm for a half time Herman Brugos players went to the locker room behind the score with 1-0. In the second, the coach of the yellows made changes, passing Manu Garcia, Luis Palma and Rafael Camacho into the game without essentially changing the image of the team. Maccabi's second goal essentially confirmed their superiority in the game. 
"We are good, we have worked very well all week and we are ready. We have to win. We have to convert the chances we missed in the first match into goals. To have a proper picture of our opponent today, we have to see Maccabi's titles. 23 leagues, 23 Cups, six super cups. He plays continuously in Europe. So the beauty of football is to knock out a team like that, but we have to perform at the right level." said Burgos about today's game.
She was very aggressive from the beginning of the match and forced Aris to go back to defense without being aggressive. The goal in the 30th minute was somewhat expected based on the development of the match. In the second half she continued to be aggressive and after not conceding a goal she managed to score with Zahavi in ​​the 84th minute.
" Tomorrow's game is the second half. We are ready to fight and we worked hard. We came earlier because of the situation in Israel. We will play aggressively and play to win. I know the city and its teams well. I spent a year in Aris and seven in PAOK. Aris is a good team, with quality and good players. I respect them, however we will rely on our own quality. We have prepared properly," Ivić said before the game.
SOLD OUT the game at "Kleanthis Vikelidis" with the world of Mars pushing the team in a difficult qualification. Logically, Aris will appear aggressive from the beginning of the match with the aim of scoring a goal to get back into the qualification game. The Israelis will try to take advantage of possible spaces left by the yellows and score a goal to get the qualification. 
Logically, the game will have goals since Aris is obliged to chase at least two goals. On the other hand, Maccabi is a team that can become dangerous very easily.
Choice in the match the victory of Aris in performance 2.30 by STOIXIMAN.
Event: Aris - Maccabi Tel Aviv
Sport: result
Category: International Matches
Date: Thursday, 11 August 2022 21: 00
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Odds: 2.30
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Result: 2 – 1
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