Persidafon - ISL Arema

For one more time I will deal again with the match of Arma, the first time in September, the pit was lost, the second was canceled, so now it is not left to win ... So let us hope that 2's "damn" curse position will cease to exist and how ...

Areal IPL - Pro Duta

From Shame to Shade but no relationship with each other. However, the odds are not entirely reasonable and logically they did not have any idea what is happening in the Premier League. The championship is back in 4 tomorrow but the most teams do not ...

Arema - Barito

Although the return has already fallen somewhat from the original prices in most of the companies, it still has value and even more than that margin to slump up to the start of the match at more realistic prices. There is nothing special at the start of racing games for those who expect to read jitter ...

Pelita - Persisam

Well, let's be good for Pecanbaru, let's go to the next option that will not be as strong as possible, but I believe it, and here's the point, since the interest is totally one-sided. Peelota after 0-4 against Pekanbara welcomes Perseasam, having as a sole purpose the victory ...

PSPS Pekanbarou-Persija Jakarta

I think I do not have to write and many more and I believe you all know what it is that Pecanbaru who tends to become the most famous Indonesian team in Greece, will of course miss us as soon as 3 racing and then "there in the 2nd National »Set up ...

IndonesiaU23 (-1.5 AH) - BruneiU23

Good morning and many years in all the celebrations, the match will not have much analysis, because I do not know anything about the Brunei team, but I have a good image for the fieldists and I think they will prevail relatively easily. This match is a test in sight ...

Indonesia - Philippines

Less than a week left for the re-launch of the local championships in Indonesia with an interest in focusing on the National Team, which after the friendly with the Premier teams has received a rival against its measures in order to succeed in winning after long ...

Rio Ave - Deportivo La Coruna

With Portugal, Julius has been eliminated in a negative way, Portugal will start August because a match in Indonesia will not be there for a long time because we have festivals. La Coruna, after her demotion, faces a lot of financial problems, and as it was known she traveled to Portugal for the friendly against ...

Chaves - Covilha

I can not say that it is not my own, I did not suddenly go to Portugal, because I just said that I think I have value from what I have read and I make a final attempt not to close 13 my month negative. Indonesian Match has not ...

Persiba Balikpapan - Persib Bandung (DNB)

So I will write a lot about the particular match that is really your life's death. Persia will win to get out of the seats near the demo zone, while Persebe will only be victorious to ride the Arma and ...

Mitra - Arema (Goal until 28th minute)

After we have seen some things about Mitra in the previous series, we have to see what exactly happens with Arma. Therefore, Arema has the advantage compared to 3 remaining teams to finish under Persephone. Although the off-site games are not the load ...

Mitra Kukar - Arema Malang

The biggest game of the day is this afternoon tonight in Indonesia between Mira at the 5 position of the score and the Armenia that is at 2 and will judge very much which of the two will continue to benefit or disadvantage particularly compared to the rest ...

Persidafon - Persepam Madura

I am not going to deal with this game but I am finally dealing with it since I can not stand to see one of the companies shake off the performance of the Asian company by the Asian and 1-2 companies not knowingly understanding what is happening and holding the prices…

Persia Jakarta - Sriwijaya

I'm going to start with a prelude that will be on my way from today until the 30 of the month as a "warning" that if the previous predictions did not go and so well recommend the bet to be particularly small so that priority is given to the minimization possible damage ...

Barito - Persib Bandung

I'm going to start with a prelude that will be on my way from today until the 30 of the month as a "warning" that if the previous predictions did not go and so well recommend the bet to be particularly small so that priority is given to the minimization possible damage ...

Persidafon - Persela

With numbers relatively fast for what reason I'm going to Persela, considering that it is very difficult to find racing news for the "home", I will explain the hits that are sticking. 1. The Persian after and from her defeat by Persia is now almost condemned ...

Pekanbaru - Sriwijaya (-1 EH)

Stoiximan has been redeemed, and with Betvictor the highest in the marketplace is a batch of special bets that are still more attractive. There are many choices that are worth the most of everyone to have the Handicap or the Best Handicaps - the prices are unrealistic key ...

Pekanbaru - Sriwijaya

The 3 match for "Srivilia" - the introductions indicate that it is not so pronounced so you will find it in the Greeks in the "Ramazanos" period and after two gels in the home with the draw with Persela (and with the bore as came with 2 PALATTI over the ...

Indonesia - Liverpool (to win both halves)

Although in terms of betting I am a little preventive and I avoid repeating something that has come to me bad in the past, I will again try to "skip" Indonesia to lose both the half as I did when I faced the Netherlands with Fan Perci but to prove MVP of ...

Indonesia - Liverpool (-2 EH)

After a long time away from the central one and we are in a period where there are not many games and the ones that exist are not offered to many companies it is time to re-cast some choice. Indonesia - which is the national team and not "selective" - ​​after the match with ...
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