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Czech Republic Baník Ostrava - Vysocina Jihlava (+ 0,25 AH)

Friday, 30 March 2018 10: 14


Category: Soccer - Czech Republic
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Units: 5/10
Odds: 2.25
Result: 3–1
Profit: -5 (Lost)

With the surprise of spring again ...

Unspread the odds that underestimate the revamped guests after the winter break, Oprawa Ostravas, which was enhanced not only by quality but also by results.

Of the most prominent transcription teams in the winter, Ostrava, with the administration putting the hand in the pocket and strenghtening the roster with several experienced and quality footballers during the winter transfer period, but the results never came with the work of staying difficult even more so, especially with groups such as her opponent tonight to have a very opposite course from her own, gathering points and escaping from her. Without a victory after the 0-1-3 winter break and a penalty shoot-out in the quarter-finals of the Cup from Mlada, an event is rather luxurious in the team's situation. We are talking about a team that is unable to take advantage of its headquarters with the worst grading this year with only one win (1-5-3), and after the winter break, two of the main opponents in the battle of the stay of Slovakia and Prague Duca with the same score (1-2). The team is drowned in the anxiety with the new ones not having managed to get into the squad and seem unable to lift the weight they came to the team, with the Panic team to set as a model tonight's rival. In -8 from salvation now, with less race (hard against Plzen) and the pressure for victory grows.

On the other hand, Jihlava really rose after the winter break, and from the first demo favorite is now in the 11 position and at + 3 from the relegation zone. The squad, under the direction of Martin Sventik, who took over shortly before the break and after the substantial reinforcement that he made in his roster after evaluating it, came in a prominent way after the winter break where he managed to become the headline in the country's sports press. The reason is the victorious victories against the two football beasts of the country. In the first game after the resumption the team welcomed last year's Slavia Prague champion which won with 1-0. He scored early and then through a solid defense, resisted the pressure and kept the win. Something similar happened in Plzen a week after, with the same scoring knocked down the impregnable headquarters of champion Victory until that day. These 3 grades were also the first off-season game this season !!! He then defeated 3-1 in Teplicce, and then 2 scored twice in the home of Nuclea with the same score, with the team being characterized by its excellent ability to beat against but also to exploit the set as well as her ability to properly manage the score when she precedes her good defensive tactics. This amazing series stopped the last match against the only more formidable team than her and strong Jablonce (6 / 6 after stoppage) defeating 0-4 within. In a snowy field they all went wrong, the opponent seemed very substantial and took the victory.

Ostrava is very stressed in her games and the pressure for victory is an extra weight on the foot of footballers who have so far failed to manage it, let alone when it multiplies as the toys pass and the negative outcomes increase. I have the impression that it will be very difficult to escape the charge. Zihlava may have lost the 4's total of victories after stopping, but this was expected to be sometime and against Jablonce at the moment, the defeat is in the program and I do not think it will affect the team, but in program it will not be and a defeat at tonight. However, the 12b team has a certain amount of comfort and has gone a long way, even if + 3 does not say anything yet. In the fight Ostrava will be forced to attack something that unbelievably favors the excellent in the Jihlava. An Ostrava, who apart from the first game, has not kept a clear home goal this season, Jihlava will naturally find a goal. Even if I think I will get the victory as well, having proved very capable in managing a lead and will find even more places to score other goals. In any case, the set of odds does not accurately capture the race data, giving a clear favorite to an Ostrava who has just one victory this year against a team that is in a much better condition than that. I was expecting a limited favorite to Ostrava for a single reason, but the doubles in my eyes are far off since there are no competition problems for the guests.

Ostrava - Jihlava (+ 0,25 AH) 2 @ 2,25 BET365

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