Key elements of the Heinz system

Key elements of the Heinz system

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The Heinz system is a betting system consisting of six options, all grouped into one bet (2-3-4-5-6). Although it is an entity, it is a creation of 57 bets in total. The Heinz 57 bet name comes from the presence of these 57 bets (columns as we are used to).

Ironically, this betting system takes its name from the Heinz roast bean brand, which is available in 57 varieties. Experienced players use this betting system to reduce their risk of failure when it comes to betting on six options.

More specifically it consists of 15 doubles, 20 triples, 15 fours, 6 fives and 1 six. That is, as we said before, a total of 57 columns. So, if one wants to bet using a Heinz system, one must have selected 6 matches (talking about football) and have a balance of 57 columns available (57 * 0.10 euros which is the minimum bet = at least 5.70 euros).

Example of a Heinz bet


The primary reason for following this betting system is to have six different events to choose from. The player can maximize the chances of winning by going to a different range of options. In this example we will use the odds of 6.00 for easy understanding.

Suppose we have selected 6 teams each with an odds of 6.00. Even if the player has bet only 1 euro for each column, the total bet reaches 57 euros, as we face 57 different bets as part of the system.

In order for a Heinz bet to be profitable, at least three selections must be verified at these odds. In fact, if this happens at odds mentioned above (6.00), the player wins a large amount if they win 3 of his selections. Thus, he will have a return of 324 euros, with a net profit of 267 euros. In case the player wins only two options, there will be a loss of 21 euros in the bet of 57 euros (6 * 6 * 1 euro = 36 euros return and a loss of 21 euros in a bet of 57 euros).

The magic of Heinz betting is evident when all options are won with these odds. In such a scenario, the player gets the huge amount of 117.612 euros.


Where is Heinz betting most used?


You recommend the Heinz system mainly to players who like high odds. It is possible for a player to win even with two correct predictions, but this has to do with the odds and the way to bet.

In terms of sports, the system is extremely popular in horse racing, as most odds - even for favorites - are significantly higher compared to other sports. While it is still possible for Heinz to bet on football, players will find that some of their favorite teams usually have lower odds.


Our opinion on the Heinz system


The success of Heinz betting depends mainly on the odds but also on the way you bet. As this is a combination of many bets, the player must have at least two or three successful selections if the odds are around 6.00 for each selection. In case of higher odds such as 10, or 11, it can be profitable even with two verified options. The lack of single bets means that Heinz's successful betting strategy involves choosing the options that are most likely to succeed in combination with higher odds.

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