2012 USA basketball team

2012 USA basketball team

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 Okay, Team USA may not be better than the Dream Team, but Dream Team did not play 92 with its hard-core opponents. Now, of course, someone reading the basketball blog here at the infobeto will start wondering: "Well, good guys, sacking23 in Olympics he wrote that that Croatia and that Lithuania were far more competitive, in proportion to this year's teams that the US team will have to subdue. " I read sometime the other day that that team had to face 6 or 7 international nbaers that year or even future, and today the number is much higher. This clearly does not prove anything, but it makes me argue.


 If we check the teams' rosters, then we will see that there is a balance in the qualities of the players in each position: Chris Paul, Derron Williams (and Westbrook) are falling on Magic Johnson and John Stockton. The lovers of that time choose with closed eyes, on the contrary I find a balance, if not superiority of the current triplet. At the shooting guard we have Kobe Bryant against Michael Jordan. For the economy of the debate I will bypass my beliefs and say that Kobe lags a little. Especially if we put the Harden-Drexler matchup, things become more clearly in favor of the Dream Team. At 3,4 there is no room for questioning. Who Pippen and who Bird, when you have Anthony, Durant and James ... I know, I did not forget Charles, but even with him, the current triple is stronger. Where the current team is definitely losing and even desperately weak in front of the Dream Team is at 5. I do not even have to explain why Robinson, Ewing would have drank Chandler or Amulet Davis. In place of C, he faced a problem with the friendly team of the US and will face the tournament. The sure thing, however, is that the battle of the poster would be easily won by those players. I could hang my poster each one in my room. I can not say the same for now ... 


Let's go see this year's US Olympic team.

 The advantage of the Shizovski team ** is the fact that it has many players who can play in different positions. Beginning with Lebron, the man who plays from point guard to Center or Durant, or even Mellos, who has the body to cope with a game pot near the basket, no matter if he likes to play face-to-face. There is even Iguodala, which is the tool in this group that can in turn cover different positions. Of course, the problem at 5 remains, as Lembron has shown that he does not manage against the heavy bodies, which he faced with a few moments in the defense. In the upcoming match against Spain, the US won, but did not contend that their difference was 22 points. Difficult and need to come every time someone "different" to put his points. That does not seem unlikely, to a team that has really scary top scorers. It is no coincidence that the issue discussed in the last few days, with Coach K, can not decide who will start at the five, between Anthony and Durant. One possible scenario is to see the two of them on the parquet for many minutes, with the member moving even to 5, the moments that Chandler will be breathing.


 It is easy to see that the tactics of each team will be to try to load Chandler foul and hold him as far out as possible to be able to play pick n roll and win a miss match on the changes, frees free tripe. Of course, all of this should be performed with surgical precision, because the American team is particularly flexible and every phoning will end phases in 2 seconds in the transition. The team, however, was also concerned about the Spanish Spaniards' defense, with their numbers dropping a lot in those bits of the fight they had to face. Of course, it is extremely difficult for a group to play a lot of time zones or adjustments, since this requires a particular spiritual attachment. In the Zone you have to think more about the man-to-man, despite the fact that your space of responsibility is limited. And it is very difficult to stay and keep your position in the "responsibility area", which is also against the normal. In one way or the other, the other day managed to bend the Spaniards, who did not use Mark Gassol at all. I am referring to that game because it was the last test before the gold race, with the Spaniards showing for another year a possible outsider.

The US team may not have the ability or even the mood to pollute opponents in the passage, though this will probably happen eventually, but it has glamor, personality and ego. What has been wounded many times over the past decade and no one wants to return to those years. This year's team is a set of players who know how to win without impressing, but at the end of the day everyone will have a say. In one way or another, the US will win the gold medal for (if I'm not mistaken) 14 time and what is left is to see who will be the opponent in the final.


** (so it is pronounced, unless it has been done by any Vangelist journalist, I will ask sacking to tell me). And I explain: Sazevski is of Polish origin, so he would have to pronounce something like "Xizheski", but the Americans the words starting with "x" the initial letter they pronounce "Z" or "S". B.C. Xavier → Zevnier, xylophone → Zelofon




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+1 sacking23.
So basically I can write whole pages about our "clash" but I do not have time, just to say briefly that I think American basketball has fallen out so much that needs strengthening with International players as you mentioned rather than the reverse. The split is very clear and closed, but there are no longer two major schools for the world-wide being, the Soviet Union and the united Yugoslavia and their branches (1's organization that then fought with the Serbs to have eaten the embargo) . Now the Spaniards, the Argentines and the French have started, but I think they are not the same size as teams. The Croats had at that time Drazen, Kukots, Raja Komazzec (in his own right), Vrankovic etc. The Lithuanians had Martsulonius, Sambonis, Korinthiatis, Chomitses, and the newly emerging then choosing Solé instead of Panionios-Karnizovas. The Commonwealth had in fact only Volkov (something Bazajevic and Panop Taza big for me), Australia Gaius and Hill (I do not mention Longley), Germany Srebb, P.Rico Ortiz, Spain (which was worst in now) San Epiphany, Ereus and Vijakabba, and Brazil that you support Oscar Schmidt. The fact that 2012 in the 2012 Touriaf is taking a championship with Hit does not mean that the Europeans have become superpower ... But you are partly right, new forces have emerged in the foreground with many NBAers (there are countries that do not call some because they are not that good ) but tell me, for example, Drazen XNUMX's Drazen would be the top scorer in the NBA if he was playing now?

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