Kobe's answer!

Kobe's answer!

from / BASKETBALL / Wednesday, 04 January 2012 08: 57
A few nights ago at the Pepsi Center in Denver, the Lakers lost to the Nuggets having their leader on a tragic night. The numbers alone show the magnitude of the concern of Kobe Bryant's friends, who with 6 out of 28 shots and 6 errors, did everything possible to prevent his team from winning.
And that's how the debates about who should take the crowd and the weight of the attacks started, as the team has a strong frontline with Andrew Bynum coming back after being punished and scolding the rest of the center. The change of philosophy after 10 years, from the departure of Shaquille O'neil after that may be deemed necessary (?)
Bryant grew and with his body, the problems in the waist and knees grew, plus the problem in the right wrist that he carries from the preseason. In the first games of the team, Kobe did score a lot, but he was not the old Kobe. Average errors 4,7 almost two more than the average of his career and the first murmurs were soon heard.
His ego, however, is much greater than that of the average athlete. And how not to be the only one who still manages to challenge Michael Jordan today. When you've won respect for everything, when you've heard the MVP chant at TD Garden with the Lakers jersey, when you've gotten to the bottom of a ring, the one who's been rated the greatest of all time, when you're the youngest athlete has reached 28.000 points ... how not to be selfish?
What Kobe should understand is that he must become creative and believe in his fellow players. That's always been his big problem. Lack of confidence in the team. When he felt safe, things were going well, otherwise he was abusing efforts with a bad result. The sure thing is that he will never be able to get as much as he needs because he is a born scorer. You just have to look for it.
Until then, we who grew up with our own poster on the wall and we never bought Air Jordan against the fashion of the season, having chosen Black Mamba as a basque idol and not the master with the tongue out, will be fascinated by the Mr Bean's comebacks and we will be smiling at the critical comments of the haters.
Such a smile burst on my lips today after Kobe's big show at the 108-99 victory against the Rockets.
Kobe Bryant: 37pts with 14 / 29 FGs, 7 / 9 FTs, 8 Ass, 6 Rebs, and 2 Errors.
He came in gave his answer and promised a better continuity. Nights like the one in Colorado will be more, let's not laugh, but there will also be many clutch shots like that the unforgettable in the Rose Garden or like it two years ago in front of the Flash berry.
Good luck, Kobe




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