Will Will and Bill be able to lead the "Wizards" at 3 / 3 by making 2 wins in the upcoming matches with both New York team within? Hard... Will Wall and Bill be able to lead the "Magicians" to 3/3 making 2 wins in the upcoming matches with both of the New York team inside? Hard...

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from / BASKETBALL / Wednesday 06 February 2013 18: 00

The expectations for this year's team in the capital reached up to the qualification of the playoffs. In the summer, a lot of moves were made in the transcription bargain, the "bastard" with the rich contract Lewis was past, the presence of the Bradley Bill seemed ideal next to Wool, Okafor and Nene would be a capable twin in the tall, injuries. That's how they started the year, and very soon the record reminded the team that they were like last year in the last positions of the score. What made them more than anything was Wool's injury that has returned to the court since mid-January with limited minutes of attendance initially coming from the bench but 10 and XNUMX days seem to be totally ready to regain his place in the original five by doing his team more competitive. At least very few were those games that the Magi surrendered unconditionally to their opponents even when they were struggling with several absences especially at the start of the season.
Of the players who stand apart from Wool who quickly evolved into the top scorer and player of the team with 14 points and 7 assists in each match, he stood out more in the beginning than now - who also encountered various problems either with injuries or discipline confronting his coach, a clash that cost him his pocket position - Crawford, who will now get a fairly reduced turnaround time, while Bill's choice will be judged in the future with the young guards getting enough direct shot but not have satisfactory level of accuracy while leaving promises that can develop (eg if you find someone rates Durant his first year at -at that time- Soniks must have been even worse). Nene and Okafor would probably expect more, but the Brazilian often has a lot of trouble and can not give it to 100%, while Okafor was never a guarantee for the attack - but he is not a real defensive player this year. Surprisingly surprising is the presence of Williams, a player who, while he was impressed at the start of his career in Portland, stayed completely in Minnesota, who could take a lot of time to take advantage of him, but did not take advantage of it, but seems to have resurrected in Washington by taking advantage of them injuries or poor appearance of Singleton (very bad year, no relationship with last year), Ariza (another not so successful addition) and Veselly that has become anecdote anymore and does not reminisce in the finesse Detailed and altikotato forward Partizan offered impressive dunks rousing the audience in Belgrade.
With Playoffs already in the past, the "Wizards" have no particular ambitions for this year, but rather want to see how they perform on the parquet now that they are "almost" complete so they have a picture of how they will be presented over time. It is unknown whether they will be involved in transcription movements, even though they have been heard as potential Kuzins suitors, but without the surface of which players were willing to offer Kings to make it theirs.
Tonight are heading home against New York (with the double at 1.59 on pinnacle looking good) while the day after tomorrow -Guests of today's opponents- Nets with the win of the guests to be even more tempting performance, although it is currently only given bwin at 1.77 which is expected to fall especially if the Nicks win tonight. Their upcoming victory against Clippers can not be taken as a criterion since the Los Angeles team is in a racing fall while both Chris Paul and Griffin were missing.
The current NBA program resembles something from PRO-PO with 13 games to be held predictions for which they have already gone into the basketball section of the forum and maybe later climb 1-2 on the main page. 




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