Hot favorite this year too!

Hot favorite this year too!

from / BASKETBALL / Wednesday, July 11 2012 10: 16

Good morning, at midnight 11 July officially started the NBA transcription period. We were pretty much aware of what agreements had been made for a long time just starting to be finalized all the time and allowing players to sign up to the groups they agreed with.

Miami Heat champions show that they will not rest on their throne and the moves they have made so far make them the first favorite to win the title and the upcoming season. In the already existing remarkable roster, two other players were added with great dynamics and an appeal to the long shot, giving more options to the team's systems, more pluralism in the attack and more breaths to the three star players, especially during playoffs playing for more than 40 minutes each of them.
This resulted in injuries to both Lebron James (the undisputed MVP of the last regular season and the finals) and to Dwayne Wade (the natural leader of the group present in both championships, "Flash" did and knee surgery with the prospect of returning perfectly healthy in the autumn ahead of the new season) as well as Chris Bosh (who lost several playoffs as he was injured to eventually return to the final of the East helping his team to overturn and qualify f the next phase).

Ray Allen, wanting to close his career in a leading team, has signed to Heat, accepting a fairly low salary compared to last year's earnings, while rejecting offers from other teams who in the same time have no prospect of "hitting" the championship. With Allen again he will be a teammate after many years and Rashard Lewis, the second major addition to the team. The two of them coexisted in the (disappearing after moving to Oklahoma City) Seattle Sonics and they were a "killing" duo from the periphery, waving together to the West Semifinals of 2005.
Unlike Allen who has been at 16 career for years and remains at a high level with 10 attendances on the All Star Game but just one Celtics championship with 2008 (and many other individual distinctions such as the Gold Medal with the US National at the Olympics 2000, while he is also the player with the most prominent three-pointers in NBA history), Rashard Lewis was unable to justify the expectations of all who believed he would one day become one of the world's top players. There was even a week ago among the most paid players in the championship (and a point of derision for that reason) having signed 6 a year contract with 2007 that would give him a total of not much or much 118 million dollars.
That year he competed in Orlando Magic, then "moved" to the Washington Wizards without, however, "enchanting" his performance in either of the two teams. Last week a new exchange brought him to New Orleans Hornets who paid him about 17 million to buy the rest of his contract. So as a freelancer he has signed up with the minimal veterans contract with the Miami team hoping for his 33 for a new start in his career and the opportunity to claim a title also free from the pressure he felt " heavy contract.

Heat are thus given as the first favorite to defend their title with 3.25 on paddypower when the second most dominant team and last year's Oklahoma Thunder gives 5 without having made any substantial move to date except by renewing contract coach of "coach of the year" Scott Brooks.




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