NBA in Europe

NBA in Europe

from / BASKETBALL / Friday, October 05 2012 11: 09

25 may still be around for days until the NBA is officially launched but we will have a good start from tomorrow to get a taste of some teams as it begins a series of friendly games with rival teams from the European continent.

Premiere is the Celtics-born Celtics in Istanbul where they will be faced with the renewed Fenerbahce which is one of the few teams of this year's Euroleague which is boosted in all positions and is considered one of the favorites to give it to the Final Four.

The "Celts" have made several changes, most notably the departure of Ray Allen and the addition of Jason Terry and Courtney Lee, while the return of Jeff Green after a year of absence from the field is also noteworthy. For the fans of the team from Boston it will be a great opportunity to watch all 3 rookies and especially Jared Sullinger who is able to claim a place in the top five instead of Brandon Bass. On the contrary, Fab Melo, who could even start as a center, did not convince with his performance in the games he took part in the summer league and if he does not seize the opportunity with good appearances in the friendlies, he is not expected to take enough time to participate in the official. The same goes for the third rookie of the team, Kris Joseph, for whom, however, there were no special requirements from the beginning. The goal of the NBA champions for 17 times is for this trip to have the same effect as the last one they had in Europe in the fall of 2007, to have a "tie" of the team mainly off the floor ("their mobile phones do not work and they are forced to talk to each other "said Doc Rivers). That was Garnett and Allen's first year on the team and they not only "tied" each other but they reached the championship in the following months. Will something similar happen this year? With 9 of the 16 players making up the Celtics mission as newcomers, Rivers is expected to split the time among many players to see what he can get from each of them. Bradley will definitely not play for Boston, who will be the main 2-team of the team when he completely overcomes his injury, and Wilcox, who left the training the day before yesterday.

After 4 championships in a period of 5 years, last season was disastrous for Fenerbahce κεlker since despite the transfers they managed to reach the 16 of the Euroleague while they were eliminated in the quarterfinals of the Turkish championship! So to compensate their fans he has very high goals for this year and tonight he will try what once seemed like a miracle, to win a team from the NBA. However, it is expected to at least show strong resistance, helped by its fans who will flood the stadium, while if the match took place later it would have much more luck since it has many new players and a new coach and has not yet tied as a team. The team of Istanbul now includes Sato and Batiste who came from Panathinaikos, Andersen and Macaleb who played in Siena and Bremer from Armani Milano. If we add to them the already existing Bogdanovic, Karaman (whose rights belong to the Nets) and Preszlinc, plus the internationals Onan, Savas, Pecker and Turksan, a very capable ensemble is created that under Pianijani's instructions is capable of great things. this year. A possible victory will give them a boost for the continuation since in a short time the games for the Euroleague will start, which is their big goal. The hosts will have a stronger motivation for the victory and for those who want to support it, we find it at odds over 4 (up to 5 in some companies), while there is greater security with the handicap being at 9 points. However, they should take into account that Fener was fighting with Galatasaray for the institution of the Cup until a few hours ago, when it suffered a 74-69 defeat without any face, however, since it had secured the qualification before the game (in which Pianijani also protected several players).

Indicatively, bwin's odds for the game are as follows:

Fenerbahce (+9.5) - Celtics 4.65 - 1.15 186.5 total points

The weekend is followed by other matches between European teams and NBAs, which we will analyze tomorrow again. For those who wish to bet well and to those who have access to the NBA TV, the race will begin at 9 in the evening of Greece.

 From the press, the match is also broadcast by OTE Sport 3 as the patrickdrd told us.





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Fenerbahce - Boston Celtics

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