All basketball, Olympics. Group A.

All basketball, Olympics. Group A.

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The title is equivalent to the term "Moodobasket", which in my opinion is always totally inexperienced. What matters, however, is that all of the basketball fans' eyes are now turning to London where the Olympic Tournament will begin. The question that dominates, of course, is whether a team will be able to cope with the unfortunate Americans who, after defeating their 2006 at the World Championship semifinals, only have wins in all the official events that took place.

Let's look at the participating teams starting with those of the 1 group.


Needless to say, too much. The mere fact that there are bets of the type "will be back on the scoreboard in any game after the end of the 1 halftime" which gives 2.10 performance also shows how strong the favorite is to win the gold medal. Her strongest opponent will probably be her bad self but how many of her players can find themselves in a bad night at the same time? After the two friendships he made with Brazil (which LeBron James "purified" by personal actions) and Argentina (which was dominated by Kevin Durant), doubts began to arise as to whether he would eventually have such an easy job. Even after the first 10 minute where it started very badly having problems under the baskets these doubts started to strengthen. But it was time for a third person to find Carmelo Anthony's good day and lead his team to a very comfortable victory. Saying which players stand out makes no sense, what matters is highlighting their vulnerabilities. In fact, there are only two players in the mission that can play center, Chandler and the inexperienced Davis. Krizewski (who for some reason I knew as Sizewski in the past I don't know what changed along the way) does various experiments and even uses Lebron in this position with great success. However, against the Spaniards in the first minutes they found it dark against Ibaka and they might have had more problems if Marc Gasol was also racing, we would only know if the two met again during the Olympics. However, statements by Kobe Bryant that the current team is superior to the first and authentic Dream Team that participated in the Barcelona Olympics at 1992 are simply "unfortunate". They will have to cross all their opponents with 40 + difference points to be able to compare with her, but again '92' US opponents were much larger than this year's (with the exception of Spain of course) ie Croatia's Drazen Petrovich, Lithuania of so many stars at the time, the Commonwealth with various players from its other emerging countries to the former Soviet Union and others. For those who play "topless" the performance to win the 14 Olympic gold medal gives 1.14 the bet365


The most "basketball" country in the world, with a population of only 3 million but many distinctions in all major events. "Lietuva" (derived from the "lietus" meaning rain, according to one opinion the root of the word is the ancient Greek "hetou") may not have any of the great names of the past, but as shown in the Pre-Olympic tournament in Venezuela, if he plays seriously, it will be a tough nut for the other (other than US) groups in the group. The big star of the team and heavy artillery is certain Lina Clise, the ace of Toronto Raptors, who finally shows no other injury problems and with the help of "old" Yaskevitsyu, Songila, Masuiles (the new player of PAO) of the "nouvelle vague" with the main speakers Callenic and of course Valcanciunas (member of Raptors new season). It is impressive that Nikiton did not participate, especially since the injury to Zafokas, while Kavaliauskas (with experience from A1 in Panionio initially and Kavala later without showing anything special), creating questions about the depth of the position "5". Much will depend on their relevance outside of 6.25m and on how much Kaukene and Jashais will help in the best possible situation. However, it is expected to present its well-known fast game without giving a special appeal to the defense. He will logically go into the next round as 4, since, unlike the match in Venezuela, I do not think he will "sit down" to lose again from Nigeria. The Baltic country has one audience with the US counterpart, its own "dream team" also grew up in the Barcelona Olympics where it was independent for just over a year and managed to win the bronze medal. For those who believe that 6's participation in the Olympics can accomplish something similar, so again to the podium the performance is 7.00


Capable of the best and worst of our national basketball player (except for the match we lost deliberately with DeColo's basket), we aim exclusively at winning a medal (3 favorite with Argentine reasonably will fight to win the 2 position of the group) and to achieve it has for the first time all the stars in the mission. Specifically, the players who are going to be fighting for the "tricklor" NBA for a while have risen to 6 and 7 (the Celtic Pierrot of Celtics) and the Fournier Rook are missing. The driving force and source of the most dangers for opponents is Tony Parker who comes from another great year, while next to him is Nicolas Batoum, who gave his credentials to the last European Championship (he recently signed a rich contract with his team Portland), while under the basket will be the champion with Meiami Turiav and the last Seraphen season. Both of them will move to the center position with Dio (who plays under the direction of Popovic and next to Parker despite his extra pounds seems to have "resurrected" as a player) playing in "4" while valuable solutions with his distant shot will be given by the new member of the San Antonio team by DeColo. Based on material, the French have 3 the best roster of all teams, but they have generally shown that they are not worthy of confidence. Proof of this and their recent defeat from Australia just ahead, a country that is not considered by the big names of the event. In the first two games they will be forced to face the US and then Argentina, the group's two theoretically stronger teams and immediately after Lithuania. Three very strong matches in 5 days are not the best program they could achieve, although they have depth on the bench to be able to cope with multiplayer situations. For those who believe they will achieve their goal and will be able to win a medal, this event pays 3.50


Perhaps the biggest question mark in the tournament, a country that has very good units but is all too old at the age and has not been able to compete in recent years, since most of them did not present in the not too major competitions that took place in their country. But a look at her five is automatically made by the big favorites to star in the event. Przzioni, Ginobili, Delfin, Nocioni and Scola. Only Oberp is missing from the "old" in essence but there is a small problem, there are no other players other than these. Will they alone be able to lead their country high? How do they manage to stay in good shape being more than 32 years old? There is, of course, the motivation that they are the last Olympics and probably the last big event they will take part in (with the World Championship following in 2 years) so they will not be given the chance to "rejoin" and chase some distinction. Also for Scola and for Delphi, especially the Olympic tournament can guarantee them a better contract maybe the last big contract in their career as they are among the free players that many teams would like to join in their NBA potential. The image they showed in the friendly does not allow us to make safe conclusions about how high they can reach. One day they were bailed out by Spain with a tragic performance especially in the defense, while 2 days afterwards almost overtaken and beat the US by showing rebirth. Many will also be judged for Argentina at the start of the tournament, the first two games that will look for at least one victory to ensure they will be the less-thirds in the group and avoid a possible encounter with Spain at their 8 send out 4. However, they are considered together with the French the third favorite of the organization once again the performance to climb the podium is 3.50


The great surprise of the Pre-Olympic tournament, the African team surprised everyone initially with their qualifying in the next round (especially after her defeat in the opening match against the Venezuelan hostess) and then with her victories against Greece but also the Dominican Republic that have won the London Olympics. It is a very athletic team with a bit of "anarchic" basketball style, especially with the aggressive track, with the NBAers Dyogou and Aminos helping a lot under the basket on both sides of the court but the one that made the most of it was that when it took has found a solution by its regional players who are generally unknown to the general public. The paradox is that he does not have Acongo, a Nigerian naughty playmaker who impressed in the recent summer league with the Sacramento team as well as the old player of Panionios Elounos who could help under the baskets. Nigerians again rely on the fact that their opponents are likely to underestimate them again while their realistic goal is to make 2 victories, surpassing them and going to the next stage. The first and given is de facto required to be at the premiere against the reasonably weaker team, perhaps, of the Tunisian organization. If they do so in the next game they will face the Lithuanians again, but only indifferent will not be this time. Whatever happens, however, she has been very successful since she managed to give her a big sporting event. Her players are not expected to have anxiety, which will make them even more dangerous especially against teams that will be "burned" to beat them. 


The African champions (they defeated the Angolans in the final - thank you Silver for pointing out, at least it turns out some people read the texts - and got the direct ticket to London) have an unbalanced factor to face during the event, Ramadan. In fact, being in England the time between sunrise and sunset (a period in which they are "forced" to fast, not to eat or drink anything even water) is longer compared to their country, so it is even more difficult to treat especially in combination with the struggles he has to give. Of course, as is the case in various northern countries in Europe, many Muslims follow the east / west of either their country of origin or Mecca (those living in Rovaniemi, for example, should fast for 20 hours a day at this time), while in many In some cases, the religious leaders of Muslim countries allow their athletes not to observe Ramadan during its "official" duration, "debt" days of fasting for the future. It is unknown what will happen to the Tunisians but also to many countries in general during the Games. In the purely competitive part now, the North African team relies mainly on the height of 2.17 Mary, who, however, was absent from a large part of the preparation while in America, trying to find a contract from an NBA team. The odds give them as the weakest team in the tournament, although in the last friendly they gave they defeated the respective team of Great Britain. What makes them particularly dangerous is the fact that, although they do not have the required experience playing in such big international tournaments and generally not even performances from big matches with their teams (since almost all of them play in the local league), it is very homogeneous as a whole since the same players have been playing together for five years and so they know each other's game very well. Almost all of them are from 25-31 years old at the best possible age in terms of maturity but of course they will need a miracle to be in the quarterfinals. A possible victory in the premiere against the Nigerians will prove to be a huge success for them while if it is verified it gives 5.00 for those who prefer it.

The continuation tomorrow with the teams of the 2nd Group ...




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