Three turns before the end!

Three turns before the end!

from / BASKETBALL / Wednesday, September 05 2012 14: 39

Tonight, 8 is playing the European Basketball Championship qualifiers, about a year before the start of the final stage in Slovenia. It may seem that many things have cleared up the clubs on the qualification affair as some teams have also secured it mathematically, but according to FIBA's scoring method for not showing any indifference, their final account will be the one who will define in more capacity groups will be ranked in view of the draw for the formation of the groups in the final phase. Let's see how the situation in each group has the odds it gives for each current match bet365

1st Group

Montenegro 7-0, Israel 4-3, Serbia 4-3, Estonia 4-3, Estonia 1-6, Slovakia 1-6, Slovakia XNUMX-XNUMX

Montenegro - Estonia + 11.5 145.5 points

1 Round Estonia - Montenegro 64-77

Montenegro remains undefeated with 7-0 but as it turned out to be victorious in Israel and then against Serbia, it is not only indifferent. Pavijevic's team, despite the absence of Pekovic and Vucevic under the baskets, is not expected to face any particular problems with Estonia, which after the victory - fireworks in Israel "deflated" and only with a miracle will be able to claim position on 3 first. 

Serbia - Slovakia + 37.5 162.5 points

1 round Slovakia - Serbia 71-93

In the second match of the group at the same time Serbia, who has disappointed with her appearances and 2 defeats from Montenegro who "hurt" her selfishness, faces Slovakia, which has only one victory against Iceland so far. Logically, the hosts will break out against the Slovaks and this is testified by the 38 points that are given as a handicap in most companies. It is remarkable that Gavel is the only credible player with 26 points average for each match.

Israel - Iceland + 30.5 170.5 points

1 round Iceland - Israel 83-110

A show for a role is expected to be the 3 match of the same day with Israel to face Iceland. One-sided interest here and with hosts to cope with Serbia for the second place (although the third will logically lead to qualification but the second one guarantees better draw in the draw) while the Icelanders disappointed after their defeat from Slovakia do not hope to nothing more.

Group B

Germany 5-0, Sweden 3-2, Bulgaria 3-3, Azerbaijan 3-3, Luxembourg 0-6

Azerbaijan + 4.5 - Sweden 169.5 points

1 round Sweden - Azerbaijan 96-79

Disappointment for hosts in the previous match against Bulgaria not only lost, but the difference of 17 points made things very difficult for them (they had won with 15 points) in the event of a tie. The match opened with balanced odds for the two opponents, but Sweden's Gerblack is now given as a favorite for the win that will seal 2's position and direct qualifying. Both teams were faced last year with Sweden taking two comfortable wins with 73-101 and 128-61 out and within respectively.

Germany - Bulgaria + 13.5 150.5 points

1 round Bulgaria - Germany 70-82

The Germans have the absolute and want to keep it in order to have a better draw in the finals while the Bulgarians seem to be close to 3's occupation which may give them the qualification. If the other team in the previous group defeats Sweden, then it pulls the Bulgarians out of claiming 2 first places as they are lagging behind in case of tie. The Bulgarians will have an even more difficult task since they will fight without Varbanov, their main center.

Group C

Croatia 5-0, Ukraine 5-1, Hungary 2-3, Austria 2-4, Cyprus 0-6

Croatia - Ukraine + 13.5 146.5 points

1 round Ukraine - Croatia 79-80 (after prolongation)

Match which will judge the first position of the group and both have also mathematically taken the direct qualifying for Slovenia. The Croats have a seat in their favor, the fact that they are better as a team and have even defeated the previous match they have found against their tonight's opponent, the team of Fratello.

Austria + 2.5 - Hungary 148.5 points

1 round Hungary - Austria 81-75

Austria, despite having only 2 wins and those against weak Cyprus, fought in all games, losing in the last few minutes even against the theoretically quite superior of Croatia and Ukraine. In fact tonight will chase beyond victory and cover the difference of the first race to win the third place although in this group as the situation has evolved, it is very difficult to lead to qualification. Only if the winner of the match this evening will have a realistic chance of qualifying (Austria has another match in Croatia while the Hungarians welcome the Croats and play in Cyprus too).

Group D

Agriculture 4-1, Bosnia 4-2, Latvia 3-2, Netherlands 2-4, Romania 1-5

Netherlands + 5.5 - Latvia 164.5 points

1 round Latvia - Netherlands 85-70

The Netherlands, even with their victory tonight, will have to overcome and win in Georgia in order to have hopes of occupying the 3rd place, which again is doubtful whether it will give them the ticket to Slovenia. The "greens" are strong when they play inside and the score is expected to move to very high levels since the Latvians like fast attacks. The hosts will be dominant under the baskets but will be behind in the periphery tonight, however the match looks more ambiguous than the bookmakers' odds. A possible victory of the Latvians and a defeat of the Bosnians will bring them a breath of fresh air from the duo (they will just want a victory in the 2 remaining matches against Georgia in and in Romania) and the direct qualification since they are superior in their tie. 

Georgia - Bosnia + 7.5 171.5 points

1 round Bosnia - Georgia 95-96

The home team's top team derby is the big favorite because Bosnia, despite the presence of Teletwicz, is based only on 6 players (it was 7 but Peric was injured) who can not compete in 40 minutes at the same pace they do not give much emphasis to the defense (it's not too much to say that they actually have time to rest when the opposing team is attacking) so they will not get even worse. For today's match it is doubtful that Patsulia's presence for the hosts, with Sheradzini being called to replace him with the basic five, but not to inspire as much confidence as the Hocks center. Bosnia due to misconduct had to make a 15 hour trip to reach Tbilisi.

Group E

Finland 5-0, Poland 4-2, Belgium 3-2, Switzerland 2-4, Albania 0-6

Switzerland + 20.5 - Belgium 148 points

1 Tour Belgium - Switzerland 98-49

The Belgians after their impressive start, culminating in their homeless victory in Poland, relying heavily on their defeat, broke into Finland losing 37 points while losing to the Polans who overcame the difference of the first game. But tonight they are not expected to face any problems from the Swiss, with the exception of the 2 victories against Albania, which have not shown anything positive, losing the other matches. With victory tonight the Belgians will want another victory to be sure in 4 best thirds of all clubs and if earlier defeated Poland will have good hopes for 2 position.

Finland - Poland + 3.5 155 points

1 round Poland - Finland 79-81

The Finns have been impressed so far as they remain unbeaten in the group, but today they will have a difficult task as the Görta team after a very bad start and both home defeats from Belgium and Finland seem to have found its good and it is not easy for someone to stop it. Still, none of them is in danger of not qualifying as one of the very weak Swiss and Albania qualifies to qualify for the third team in the finals of Slovenia.

Group F

Italy 6-0, Turkey 4-2, Turkey 3-2, Belarus 1-5, Portugal 0-5

Czech Republic - Portugal + 14.5 143.5 points

1 round Portugal - Czech Republic 67-74

The Czech Republic will have more thought of what will happen in the other match of the group, with a possible victory for the Italians to travel to Turkey simply to defend the + 18 with which it prevailed against the silver world champions 10 days ago! Portugal after its crash by the Italians at the premiere seems to have been somewhat serious and although it has not managed to win any of the other 4 that it has given avoided a new scandal keeping the score low.

Turkey - Italy + 7 145.5 points

1 round Italy - Turkey 78-69

A one-sided match between 2 teams that until 2 (especially with regard to the Turks) no one thought they would compete in a qualifying phase to qualify for the Eurobasket finals. The Italians want to keep undefeated to enter one of the strong capacity groups in the final phase draw but the hosts are the ones who burn out because in the event of a defeat they will want a win with + 18 and over the Czechs to get 2s to the group irrespective of whether the third position as it all indicates gives them the qualification based on the current data




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