We are all guilty ...

We are all guilty ...

from / BASKETBALL / Sunday, 19 August 2012 17: 08

 Can Malibu and Santa Monica be bordered by the same waters as South Beach, Beverly Hills can be a cigarette road from Central LA, and Pico Boulevard can get a nail at Staples Center, but if you continue to the US Route 101, and left turns to Melrose Avenue ... unless you want to check out the most densely populated part of the area, the growing Koreatown.

 Anyway, Los Angeles is a pole of attraction for every mysterious tourist who wants to dive into the bowl and become one of the other ingredients of the "cultural" salad. Some have the culture of the western corner of the United States null and non-existent, but the truth is that the multiculturalism that is being observed, the customs and customs they carry with them, living them in their everyday life, the various Asians, Irish, Hispanics and Europeans original perception.

From the celebrity who has forgotten to wipe his nose, to the adventurous waiter who came to live the American dream in the last state he has the right to do so today ... but until he succeeds he tries to be in every "in" cultural or the showbiz event of the area, everyone knows Kobe Bryant. That's because Kobe is the star of the Lakers, the legendary group of the region, if not the whole territory. It is also not known that a walk from Staples Center is considered imperative if you want to be in things.

 And because the star system parades and transfers some of its glow to the pride of the city (for the Lakers I say yes ...), the relationship could only be two-way. This is how the team of Jerry Bass, who last year has given the reins to Jim, moved this year. He brought in the city of Us, Howard and almost a whole second unit, which of course is difficult to stay in the team. The city of vanity and ephemeral joy, the state of "white Americans," who ironically manages to be at the top of the diverse index, again has a team capable of starring. Is that so? Dwightmare landed in Lakeland. Kobe finishes with two theoretically good years, as knees show that Na's can withstand his swan song. The team has no draft picks, no room for salary cap, and most importantly, it has been guided by the near future and the conquest of the championship in the coming year. This year! Not at one time, as Howard's contract ends and Atlanta is waiting for the corner to hit two good names after a while. The whispers are already talking about team contacts with LA's superstars.

 Obviously, if Lakers want to keep Superman they will. That is what they are saying, that's what they mean, and that's my feeling. The issue should not, however, be how big a team Limons will be able to make this year. Obviously the issue is even bigger and goes beyond "purple" in gold. The Lakers can do it this year. He can go train to the end and wear his 6 ring by Bryant. But at the end of the season the team will be a question mark. The team will be looking for 3 in the year to cover new holes and will not have to wait for anything from the draft. But that does not concern anyone at the moment we are talking in the city of Angels. It has to do with the way of life, mentality and air blowing on the west coast.

 The Lakers must take the championship. And as they did ... if they did not, they would have failed. Mitch Kupchak created one-time champions because he was asked last year ... Who can blame him?

 Paraphrasing Bukowski: "The credits rolled. Then there were Lakefans' names. We are part of Hollywood, if only for a small moment. We are all guilty. "→" Now that everything is over, our names are left. The fans of the Lakers. We're part of Hollywood, for a moment. We are all guilty. " And so it really is. Who will dare to criticize at the moment the luckiness of the Lakers? A question remains unanswered in Mike Brown's new team until the jambol at the end of October: "Can we all get along?"

Good luck, Kobe




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