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Hockey Vegas Golden Knights - Boston Bruins

Friday, 12 January 2024 01: 47


Course/Stage: T-Mobile Arena (17.500) (Las Vegas)


West  Prefecture

Vegas Golden Knights

(Θέση 5η Ν.17-ΝΠ.6-ΗΠ.5-Η.13 Τέρμ.133-115)


   They don't seem to be hitting well lately and this was also seen in the previous game, where in a demanding match as it was, they easily lost to Colorado away from home with 3-0. And when I say easy, I mean it because at no point in the match did they seem to be able to threaten. They have picked up quite a few absences especially at the back and it shows as they are not as aggressive and creative at the back. A team that doesn't open their scores much having just 15/41 Over6.5. and m.o. 5.8 goals/match.


Hill A. (T.15com/95.83%rep./2c.e.),

Hutton B. (A.31sim./1g/8as),

amadio K. (E.39cm/6g./11as.)

Theodore S.(E.20comp/4g/14as.)

Karlsson W. (E. 38cm/15g/17as).


Eastern Region

Boston Bruins

(1rd place Div.Ν.20-ΝΠ.4-ΗΠ.8-Η.8 Τερμ.136-109)

   They managed with two (2) defeats in a row in extra time to be at the top! Now they want to stay there and need to do so against a team they can beat if they improve their attack a bit. And that's because they are very good defensively and this can be seen in their numbers with just 5.8 m.o. goals per match and 14/10 Over6.5.


Ullmark L. (T.21 comp./91.49%rep).

Forbort D. (A.20sim/4as)

Carlo B. (A.39sym/2g/8as)


They have the roster and ability to get back to winning ways and I think it's time to break this mini losing streak against a team with a lot of competitive issues. Double (+extra time).

Event: Vegas Golden Knights - Boston Bruins
Sport: Hockey
Category: Hockey NHL
Date: Friday, 12 January 2024 05: 00
Tip: 2
Units: 7/10
Odds: 1.80
Bookmaker: 21+ | EEEP Regulator KETHEA helpline: 210 9237777 | Play Responsibly
Result: 2-1
Profit: -7 (Lost)
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