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Sports Betting

Sports betting is more than just placing a bet - it is about knowing the game. You know the players, you know the statistics. You have the devotion that others just do not understand. And you do not have time to worry about where your money is. With a NETELLER account, you can save your money in one place, so that payments and redemptions from multiple sites are a simple matter.


NetellerWhat is NETELLER?

NETELLER is an online account with one electronic wallet and a prepaid MasterCard ®, ideal for playing online. To get started all you need is 3 simple steps: sign up, deposit money and then transfer money to your loved ones bookmakersto start playing!




Anyone in the supported countries can open an account and pay on websites without problems, but to get increased transaction limits is just as easy. Is account verification also free? NETELLER only requires verification of your identity and home address to protect customers and prevent fraud. This process is easier than in most other companies, because now most members only have to submit one proof of identity.

Fund your online wallet.

NETELLER has at least one free deposit option to fund your account in each country, and most countries have different deposit options. It accepts the major payment providers and even coupons to fund it your wallet. In addition, it is trying to continuously add new ways of paying so that it finances and uses it your wallet to be simple and easy.


Download from your wallet

Redemption at the end of the day back to your account is simple and easy. Taking money from your account is very easy with Net + Prepaid MasterCard ®. This chip-and-pin card is directly linked to your money and allows you to withdraw cash from any ATM that MasterCard is accepted. In addition, you can spend your store account money using Prepaid Mastercard!

The best solution at a global level

NETELLER knows how important it is to have your money accessible worldwide. It supports over 180 countries and all the world's most popular currencies, such as the euro, yen and US dollars. There are a total of 18 currencies, and customers receive full support in 13 different languages.


There are many reasons to choose NETELLER instead of other e-wallets, but in short the following are the most important:

  1. Champion of the world of electronic wallets (eWallet). NETELLER was founded in 1999 and has been a leader in eWallet initiatives since its inception. It created direct bank transfers over ten years ago, launched the world's first prepaid card program, and was the first to open Asia to Western merchants. NETELLER was the first electronic wallet and has since been the most reliable eWallet service.
  2. The members precede. NETELLER, unlike most other eWallet companies, is a public company, and manages to answer all the questions of its customers. The company spends a lot of time finding new ways to reward its members. It has a best-in-class VIP Program with steps made especially for all VIP needs. The Points Rewards program allows all its members to earn cash back, electronics and other great products. The various Merchant Shows bring exclusive offers and bonuses exclusively for NETELLER members. In addition there are many promotions with prizes such as cash back, reward points and various products!
  3. Better Fees. NETELLER has some of the most competitive fees. VIPs not only get a better rate of 1,5% or even better, but now they also transfer their money for free! To see all the prices of NETELLER visit here.
  4. Guaranteed better safety. Being regulated under the Financial Services Authority, NETELLER maintains the highest standards for fraud prevention. The company maintains over 100% of your account balance in separate, reliable accounts so that there is no risk of loss. Now, NETELLER makes use of Secure IDs for money transfers, which allows you to keep your personal information private!



Your money is 100% Safe. Your payments are easy and fast. Your needs are covered with 24/7 customer support. Chances are in your favor when you choose NETELLER - the champion's choice is yours. Sign up today.






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