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England Blackpool - Plymouth Argyle

Friday 29 December 2017 15: 32


Category: Soccer - England League 1
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Odds: 5.00
Result: 2-2
Profit: -2 (Lost)

For Blackpool, this season is basically going to evolve as ... my story of my sin as the many financial problems that have plagued the team for years now are becoming increasingly bloated, having an impact on the group's image on the pitch.

Having already lost some players whose gaps have not been replenished but also by unknown the extent to which they will be able to move during the January transfer period (once they have not ... a scarf to cry, obviously we are mainly talking about borrowers), in general clouds over Bloomfield are gathering and there are few who even talk about re-demotion.

On the purely racing track, the gaps were again seen with Skandorph in the boxing day, where the team underwent a new home defeat with 2-3. He may have had more than twenty finals in the game, the opponent could have won it with just three ... respectively (all of which were converted to goals), but he was caught asleep - as if ... they forgot to get into the game, they lost 0-2 already on 7 '- and on the other hand the gaps we said above played his part, from the goalkeeper to the lack of a good aggressor that will end a phase correctly. For history, it was the fifth defeat in the last six in, fourth defeat in the last five in total while one of the many problems it faces is when you call yourself to play, something that is de facto forced to do with Plymouth, which is by no means open teams.

Which Plymouth has been completely reborn lately, with Derek Adams seeming to have found the ... button. Three wins in the last four, second in the undefeated round (1-1 preceded Rotherham where he was even at the end) and overall the climate could not be better in the group (in opposition to the opponent) among other things it came out of a dangerous zone, acquiring a small four-point cushion.

We can not know if Blackpool will react, but we know that the situation in the team is dramatic, both in terms of competition and for the uncertain future with so many problems that torment it. Under these circumstances, it goes without saying that the 1,70-1,75 circulating on average is at least funny, while adding value to the 5,00 offered by bet365 for the victory of the guests who are clearly more concentrated on all sides.

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