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World 2018 Brazil - Mexico to qualify for the penalty shootout

Posted Sunday, July 01 2018 14: 32, Tipster: New Comment

The game between Brazil and Mexico opens the program of the third day of the "16" phase and is a show that is undoubtedly expected with great interest.

Brazil - the considered favorite not only for the current game but also the conquest of the trophy in general - was admittedly somehow in the group stage, even if it was the first one to win. I remind you started with a draw (1-1) against hardcore Switzerland while in the second game we had to get to the ... XNUMAAppa to bend the good Costa Rica with the goals of Cutello and Neamar. 90-0's subsequent victory against Serbia was the only one that came relatively easily, having found the quick goal with Pauline and totally controlling the rest of the game, with Tite generally having set up a team beyond given the quality from the middle and front, it is as strong and defensive as possible - even the one goal he received in the first three games came from a staged phase and with a serious suspicion of an offensive foul.

In my humble view, one of the few "black" points is Neimar's racing behavior. Yes, he is the superstar and obviously we all recognize his value, but somewhere the excessive overdose of dribble in many cases "spoils" the rest of the team. Perhaps it has taken some of it a little, but I think that if it becomes more meaningful in its game, it will help much more.

On the other hand, Mexico started with "bam" against Germany in the first game and then relatively easily swept South Korea, eventually reaching a fairly comfortable and yet fair qualification despite the defeat (0-3) in the last game with the Swedes. I can not say that her defense inspires the greatest confidence, but it is a group that runs unceasingly and strikes like a cobra in the counterattack, something that Germany first experienced and is exactly this ... recipe expected to Osorio followed to Brazil. In general, we should not expect any serious surprises with regard to the image of the race. It is clear that Brazil will have the initiative of moves, as it is also assumed that Mexico will try to hit the "counter", which is one of the strong points with its fast players.

Taking a look at some statistics / historical data, Brazil overwhelms its opponent with 23 victories in a total of 40 clashes between the two teams versus 10 of the Mexicans, while at the World Cup, Selesao remains undefeated with three wins and a draw, even Mexico has even managed to celebrate a goal. It is also worth mentioning that Mexico is "running" a negative series that wants to be excluded at this very stage of the tournament in the last six times that has arrived here and has never qualified beyond the 16 stage in World Cup held away ... of its borders.

As I have rewritten in other texts, traditions are there to be broken at some point, but in this case I feel that it is easy or difficult for Brazil to move forward. My point, however, is "how" will it do because obviously Mexico will sell its tomato very expensive.

In order to get into the 1,50 ace, obviously no reason. It is not so easy, nor is it worth it. On the other hand, I have in mind the patient Tyte, who has just transferred this patience to his team without going into excesses. We have seen, for example, that with Costa Rica he has not been too busy to overdose or ... juray, nor did he take the team all in front of "bulk in the wave". With rational movements, reasonable changes and patience, he eventually found - even slowly - the finish with Cutein in 90 '. On the other hand, as we have already said, Mexico will of course not go to the clearing because obviously they know that on an open field there will be no luck.

Putting it all down, I decided to go back to the 2014 scenario, when Brazil again encountered another Latin Latina, Chile (the Shambol, all of whom are now mocking) I have the impression that it has quite common features with the current Mexico, especially in terms of the uninterrupted run, the press and the speed of the offensive attack. Then, Brazil and Chile stayed at 16-1, with the game getting to be judged in the penalty shoot-out, with Selesao in the end happier.

In conclusion, a small bet on the draw at 4,45 stoiximan and an extra unit in judging penalty shootout, a choice that bet365 offers at 8,00 performance.

Event: Brazil - Mexico to qualify for the penalty shootout
Sport: Soccer
Competition: World 2018
Date: Monday, July 02 2018 17: 00
Tip: To Win Qualif.
Units: 1
Odds: 8.00
Result: FI2
Profit: -1 (Lost)
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