BRAZIL - SOUTH KOREA: And in the background, Messi is waiting for Brazil...

BRAZIL - SOUTH KOREA: And in the background, Messi is waiting for Brazil...

from / MUNDAL 2022 / Monday, 05 December 2022 10: 49

Tite has created a team to win the title! Strong defensively, with players who are nuclear weapons in attack. But there is a problem, this is called Brazil and its friends want it to achieve its goal in the old traditional way, as befits its principles and values. In simple words, if the 60-year-old coach doesn't manage to bring the trophy to the country of samba in the end, then black snake that ate him!

The grumbling about the ball Brazil are playing will only be… forgotten if they beat Argentina and make it to the semi-finals. Against the Swiss, they did not score the second goal so that the "exact score 2-0" passed. So we're left at… tepid 1 & U3,5 with a 2,10 yield to confirm, but not the 7th of the final score.

Bento, on the other hand, is fortunate to have a pack of very talented players who have led South Korea all the way to the knockout stages. Their sensational victory in the final against Spain was already their breakthrough. But now the obstacle that Sean and his company will find in front of them seems insurmountable.

The Brazilians hope not to step on it like in 1990. There, where Lazzaroni's team went with the same playing philosophy, but in the knockouts they ran into the wall called Maradona and collapsed. Now Messi is already set up and waiting for the Brazilians.

The Koreans, however militant they may be, will submit. The chance of them not scoring wins in odds.

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