Bundesliga 2022-23 Preview: Bayern, the underdogs and the relegation battle

Bundesliga 2022-23 Preview: Bayern, the underdogs and the relegation battle

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Stoiximan's odds

The Bundesliga premieres on Friday, August 5, and of course the unshakable favorite is Bayern, who on the 11thο her title streak. However, this year's course of the Bavarians' quest for another trophy, it is possible that it will prove to be the most difficult in recent years, as several teams look particularly competitive this year, while Bayern has changed a lot compared to last year.


New Bayern, old performances

The Bundesliga is a league where everyone gives it their all for 34 games and in the end Bayern wins it (comfortably). No, Lineker is not credited with the origin of this phrase either, but it has been a commonplace in all football discussions in Germany for decades, something like a folk song passed from mouth to mouth.

So anything beyond conquering 11th consecutive title for the Bavarians will be considered a huge surprise and this is also reflected in the long-term returns of the bookies, with Stoiximan offering 1,16 performance for Bayern Munich to win the title again.

However, Bayern is expected to be quite different this year as on the one hand it lost its second best scorer of all time with Lewandowski's much-hyped transfer to Barcelona and on the other hand, it lost the key player of its defense, Niklas Zille who preferred Dortmund.

In theory, Bayern may have covered the gaps with the additions of Mane and De Ligt, but 35-year-old Julian Nagelsmann on their bench should try to move without a thoroughbred center forward and this is a harder bet than it seems. Of course, the pundits predict that Mane, having 111 goals in 8 years in the Premier, will score at least 20 in the Bundesliga.

The point is that from theory to practice, just like from the Premier to the Bundesliga (especially in terms of training) the differences are large and such assumptions risky. No one in Munich looks the least bit threatened for the title and Nagelsmann seems absorbed in how he will take the extra step in the Champions League and wash away last year's exclusion from Villarreal and this is perhaps the biggest threat.

Concluding our reflections on the real potential of this year's Bayern Munich, we will risk the prediction that if Bayern finally manage to gallop towards the 11ο title streak, this will be largely due to the contribution of its most valuable, albeit not as highly publicized, player. And if you want, we also bet that Gnabri he will score more goals than Mane or anyone else.


The underdogs for the title

The classic underdogs for the Bundesliga title are Dortmund, Leipzig, Leverkusen and maybe (to name a few) Gladbach. In theory, Dortmund have the biggest claims to the title, but they start with two handicaps: on the one hand, the inexperience of the 39-year-old new coach of Terzic (as a counterpoint to the fact that he has served as an assistant to Bilic and Favre) and on the other, the sudden shock from the diagnosis of Ale's serious health problem, who seemed like an ideal replacement for Haaland.

Η Leipzig is built on solid foundations, but remains the most hated team in Germany (which at first glance seems insignificant, but dealing with the excesses of opposing fans in the ever-packed stadiums on German soil is not a negligible factor), while conservatism of coach Domenico Tedesco (who likes to play with three stoppers) does not bode well for a league that has the highest average goals per game in Europe.

At Leverkusen, there is widespread optimism that it will continue to improve and find itself back in the Top 4 of the standings, despite its parallel obligations in the Champions League. The fact that it is about tight and ready team from last year, with an excellent coach who seems to have perfectly matched the philosophy of the club, are the biggest guarantee for repeating a highly successful season. Also excellent is the addition of Chlosek, the new big star of Czech football, who together with his compatriot Šik, is expected to create a hot attacking duo.


The possible positive surprise

The predictions of experts believe that Freiburg, Hoffenheim, Wolfsburg, Eintracht and Gladbach will also fight for a European ticket. From these five there is a possibility that someone will emerge who will even claim the exit to the Champions League.

However, a very respectable group that can the big positive surprise – under the radar – is Werder Bremen. With a name as heavy as history and the 34-year-old Ole Werner transforming it into a war machine since last November when he took over, it comes straight from the Swiss league and has nothing to do with a typical neophyte.

Werder Bremen are returning to the top flight to stay and stand out, especially when they have a very respectable roster, tied from last year, which has been flanked by five highly targeted transfer moves. All she needs is a relatively good start so that her footballing principles and attacking mentality are not shaken. In such a case, it is possible to finish very high, even in the first 6ada, which at Stoiximan, pays 18 times your bet.


Candidates for relegation

Stoiximan's odds, consider Bochum, Augsburg, Schalke, Hertha and Werder Bremen as first "favorites" for relegation. THE Augsburg who every year saves her in the chuck, along with her Herta who, despite the adventure of last year's barrage, did not take care to strengthen themselves with quality players, they will not have an easy season at all.

However, an additional team that may turn out to be a key candidate for relegation (and let it not be foreshadowed by the odds), is Mainz. Mainz may have finished in the top 8 last yearη position, but they sold their two top stoppers and since they are not known for their attack, they can easily find themselves in front of surprises. After all, in the second half of last season, it suffered a competitive slump, highlighting weaknesses in all its lines.


Long term Bundesliga picks


Event Winner - Not Bayern Munich (4,20)

To finish in the top 4 – Leverkusen (1,75)

To finish in the top 6 – Werder Bremen (18,00)

To finish in the last 2 places – Mainz (15,00)

First scorer - Gnabri (12,00)


Yields may be subject to change




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