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England Cardiff City - Burton Albion

Thursday, 29 March 2018 21: 15


It's not the first time this year that Burton will be betting on betting and I can not hide it from the fact that this choice has much to do with personal instinct rather than something absolutely tangible about the racing leg. To put it differently, how many times have you been getting a coupon in your hands, looking at the program and the eye almost automatically falling to a point or a group that totally subtly talks to you? Well, that's about the same here.

Undoubtedly, this is a particularly difficult case as we are discussing the match against the more formidable Championship team, which had a staggering momentum with seven consecutive wins, eight in the last nine and a single defeat in the last fourteen Manchester City official for the cup . We are also talking about the home team winning 14 from 19 at the championship level with only two defeats, one of which, however, remind us that we were reaped, 0-1 with Preston.

Thus, one understands that the risk is enormous, but the key phrase "pre-cut" is the key phrase. These cases are usually a double-edged knife and in most cases it is difficult to guess how the groups will reappear; however, it is usually more damaging to those who have a good form, which have a rhythm and, for that matter, the truth, as long as we mention his wrath Neil Wornock when it was delayed earlier due to bad weather and the game with Derby, which was postponed for April 24. In spite of the bad weather Wornock wanted the game just because he knew his team was at the top of her form. I did not have a righteous joke about the smooth running of the fight, but as far as what I wanted, I understood him completely. Considering that the game with Derby was eventually postponed, Cardiff is devoid of official play from 13 / 3 and the win in Brentford, which means 17 days of inactivity.

It seems, therefore, difficult that this circumstance does not affect Cardiff's racing, and especially since there are not only a few times that he has put banana hoofs in similar cases in the past. In addition, it is worth noting that in the last few days the preparation of the team was not done under the best conditions, in the sense of the absence of many international players who had obligations with their national teams, ten of them and who returned Wednesday, which means equal to two days of preparation for a match Friday afternoon.

We can not claim in any case that all of this is enough to get Burton from the game. After all, the quality of Cardiff is a given, and it is not unlikely that what we have mentioned above will ultimately have the slightest significance and make a healthy walk. They give as much as possible the reason for "strange" thoughts and all against a team that - let's not forget - plays its tomato and what good to show this year is paradoxically away from home, where it is regularly proven that it suits most .

As it is also proven that Cardiff is more stressed this year against the small and medium teams than with the "big ones", I estimate that there is a possibility of surprise, so we go for a rifle at 10,05 offered by goalbet.

Event: Cardiff City - Burton Albion
Sport: result
Competition: England Championship
Date: Friday, 30 March 2018 17: 00
Tip: 2
Units: 1/10
Odds: 10.05
Result: 3 1
Profit: -1 (Lost)
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