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England Carlisle United - Sheffield Wednesday

Tuesday, 02 January 2018 16: 41


The coming weekend of 6-7 January, the holiday program on the island is coming to an end with the notorious third round of the FA Cup, an event we have already mentioned several times from here in the columns about its significance for the English. The "notorious" term we often use is not accidental, as the surprise tour is traditionally where the "Premier" teams are also in the "dance" and where exactly because of the already busy schedule of festivals many coaches - large "and the requirements - they choose in many cases even extensive rotation. 

You will ask yourself now, "but today is still Tuesday". True, having already started the study yesterday, I have the feeling that the specific case I'm going to discuss below may be on this early talk, and therefore perhaps an early bet. 

As you will remember, the Sheffield Wenshire case was also a concern for us in yesterday's Championship New Year's Championship, when we talked about the many problems that have plagued her lately, her glamorous appearances in recent weeks (the only double exception in Nottingham), the a divorce with Carlos Carvachal, the very wild "craziness" of its supporters in the local media, and the rising dreams that are now transformed into ... nightmare after the team has plunged into the score by approaching dangerous a the "hot" zone. That's how our last bet in Burton last night and the final 0-3 just came as proof that the team is going through a deep crisis. Immediately after the end of the game, the interim coach's debts talked about "embarrassing looks" and middle-ending about the unfortunate role he had in the interview being forced to talk about his team with very bad words. Here is a typical excerpt:

"I'm 100% embarrassed by that performance. The goals we lost you would not see in a school playground, the first goal is a joke. and a glove on him is embarrassing.

As you can see, he's talking about shame, funny goals that we do not even see in the school's courtyards and defensive non-existence, with a rival player passing 4-5's own as practically stopped. 

There are, of course, justifications, and one of these is the countless player injuries, which of course greatly affect a team and much more when they come with so much frequency. That's exactly why I decided to put a photo today instead of a snapshot of a fight or a player ... a tweet I found with somebody who got into trouble and made a list of those who are suffering from injuries, whether young or old. The total is exactly a dozen, many of whom are considered "undead" and although there is a belief in current local press reports that 2-3 returns are expected, one understands that the climate in the team is also heavy, on the other hand preparation for Saturday's fight is not done under the best conditions. 

Based on all of the above, it is sensible for Sheffield Wenshire to ... get into our eye for a new fight and we think the Saturday match with Carlisle is good for that. We are talking about a group that is two categories below, but on the one hand the game is home, on the other hand Carlai is not a "trick" and it has already proved that it does not ... kicks up having already eliminated in the previous two rounds League 1, with Oldham and Gillhill her "victims". 

So, because, depending on how the reportage of the guests will be shaped in the coming days, I have a suspicion that the price of the ace is more likely to ... go down, I decided to make the early bet at 4,50 that offers bet365, with a small, normal stake, because obviously we are talking five whole days before, while of course I can not forget the possibility of a reaction that the "owls" may bring out. I simply consider that the "pluses" in this case are much more than the "minuses", so we fired a rifle and wait ...

Event: Carlisle United - Sheffield Wednesday
Sport: result
Competition: England FA Cup
Date: Saturday, 06 January 2018 17: 00
Tip: 1
Units: 2/10
Odds: 4.50
Bookmaker: 21+
Result: 0-0
Profit: -2 (Lost)
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His love for the sport called football, his knowledge of this, and more generally his desire to share thoughts, ideas and prognoses, has prompted him to take up a bet from an early age. So somehow, starting out as a stamp from the ... various forums, it has reached a well-known betting newspaper of pan-Hellenic range and now feels ready for new challenges.

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Carlisle United
Kind Total Home Away
Wins 14 9 5
Drawings 13 5 8
Defeats 4 2 2
Goal Pro 54 30 24
Goal against 44 22 22
Clean hearth 5 3 2
M.O. goals for
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1.74 1.88 1.60
M.O. goals against
(per game)
1.42 1.38 1.47
M.O. first goal in favor 32m 39m 23m
M.O. first goal against 38m 48m 28m
No scoring 1 0 1
Sheffield Wednesday
Kind Total Home Away
Wins 7 5 2
Drawings 3 0 3
Defeats 6 3 3
Goal Pro 17 11 6
Goal against 19 10 9
Clean hearth 5 2 3
M.O. goals for
(per game)
1.06 1.38 0.75
M.O. goals against
(per game)
1.19 1.25 1.12
M.O. first goal in favor 55m 57m 53m
M.O. first goal against 32m 32m 33m
No scoring 3 1 2
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