Getting to know the darts

Getting to know the darts

from / DARTS / Tuesday, 03 January 2012 00: 45
Darts or darts as we know them, is a popular sport, especially in Great Britain where it has
and its roots and is largely played in pubs before even World War I.
The goal for darts, in its current form and 20 at the top, featured 1896 by
British carrion Brian Gamlin. The sport remained at low levels until the 60
on TV, and with the establishment of the British Dart Organization (BDO), 1973, which established
the sport in Britain. The establishment of the Organization of Professionals Dart (PDC) 1992 and the establishment in particular
of major events contributed to the further development of the sport and the appearance of great athletes
such as Phil Taylor and Rod Harrington.

The circular target has numbers from 1 to 20. In some specific points the points are doubled,
in other triplets, there is a bulls eye that gives 50 points and a small circle next to it
which has 25 points. There are several versions of the sport but what we will deal with is
501 in which each player has three darts and after each raid all three points
is removed from 501 until 0 arrives. To reach the player in 0, he must finish double
For example, if 36 has a 18 balance, it must double 40, if 20 has the remaining XNUMX, double XNUMX,
The smallest number of darts a player can throw to zero from 501 is 9, which is
very difficult and very few manage. Each player can start whichever number he wants, except for
Sky Poker World Grand Prix where the player must start with a double stroke.
Most tournaments are played in sets, with a winner whichever comes first in 3 or 4 sets while the set wins
whoever first comes to 3 "legs" as they say in other tournaments, the winner must win a certain
number of legs.
With the victory of Briton Adrian Lewis on his co-star (from Stoke) Andy Hamilton at
traditional Ladbrokes World Darts Championship at Alexandra Palace in London and nearly 7 million
the 7-3 set closes the one-year calendar and starts the next program at
which will be discussed in the next article, until the next tournament starting on January 28.




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