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- Saturday 05 October 2019 12: 58

Super League with MatchCombo at Stoiximan.gr

MatchCombo came to Stoiximan.gr to make your soccer experience different in the Greek league and beyond! Do you want to combine different bets in the same bet on one bet & one bet? Now you can do it in Super League matches thanks to MatchCombo…

Euroleague begins and with it the Stoiximan.gr Fantasy Tournament begins with 20.000 € guaranteed prizes *! Did you prepare your team? Are you the one who likes to shoot shots before the games, sit on the bench and watch the team he has chosen to sweep? Any player ...

Whatever player you are, at Red Star-Olympics you play at Stoiximan.gr with over 350 bets and new features. The second match of the Champions League group stage finds the Olympics in Belgrade against the Red Star (01 / 10, 22: 00). Reds after the tie at the premiere ...

Incredible luck for a member of Stoiximan.gr who won 0,40 € by winning 71.154 €! Specifically, on Friday afternoon, the 39-year-old, who lives in a city in central Greece, couldn't believe his eyes when he saw on his mobile screen the amount he earned after ...

The lights of the 5 championship game are falling to OAKA, with AEK-PAOK like you haven't seen before on Stoiximan.gr. The Biceps Derby stands out this weekend in the Super League as part of the 5 race. The upturned AEK aspires to break the unbeaten champion PAOK, who…

Will Olympiacos start with a grade or points? His premiere in the Champions League plays on Stoiximan.gr with 350 + bets and with ... tell it and done *! For the first time in his history, Olympiacos will be chasing the undefeated Champions League Premier League at home. He has managed two…

Who will be the new world champion? The Argentina-Spain title will play with special scorers, rebounds and assists on Stoiximan.gr this Sunday (15 / 09, 15: 00). Thirteen years after the triumph in Japan, Spain has the opportunity to return to the top of the world for a third time…

One week left for the Champions League teams to start! Have you prepared the team that will win the Stars in the Stoiximan.gr Fantasy Tournament? The Champions League group stage starts next Tuesday (17 / 09) and plays on Stoiximan.gr like you've never seen it before! Along with the top interlinkers…

- Friday, September 06 2019 18: 24

US-Greece: NBA MVP against NBAers!

The official favorite is testing her strengths against the United States in a match for which Stoiximan.gr has made over 250 bets! This Saturday noon (07 / 09, 15: 30) is not a regular lunchtime in early September. And what about when the menu includes the…

Tuesday noon (03 / 09, 15: 00) and Nationals are giving up their second match in China's basketball game against Brazil. After its imposing start, dominating Montenegro with 85-60, Ethniki continues unbeaten in winning the top spot in the 6 group. Next opponent today (03 / 09, 15: 00) is Brazil and…
15 Oct 2019
A Bulgarian goal deprived us of the absolute yesterday's column. The Bulgarians received 6 goals from the "lunar" Englishmen, but failed to significantly threaten the opposing home. The ... Read more

Great Competitions!

The infobeto organizes 3 new major competitions for the Champions League, the Europa League and the Greek Championship!

Check out the link below for the terms of participation and how you can take part and win rich gifts!



Statistics Tipsters

  • Profit-Yield 2019
  • Profit-Yield All Time
  • Hot Tipsters (Streak)

Tipster Profit Yield
Iliakis +124.14 + 16.40%
Pennos +17.06 + 10.66%
Nash +8.44 + 120.57%
Ertzan +6.52 + 4.35%
Kotakis -8.69 -6.25%
Raptakis -49.67 -13.42%
Tsiokos -67.87 -15.42%

Tipster Profit Yield
Iliakis +1018.37 + 14.12%
Nash +382.91 + 11.03%
Kotakis +176.25 + 5.93%
Pennos +73.72 + 9.57%
Raptakis +47.50 + 1.36%
Ertzan -4.55 -0.11%
Tsiokos -67.87 -15.42%

Tipster Won Draw Lost

Betfair Volumes

Finland v Armenia € 1481234
Switzerland v Rep of Ireland € 312028
Sweden v Spain € 284175
Romania v Norway € 237671
Faroe Islands v Malta € 147915
Liechtenstein v Italy € 144015
Greece v Bosnia € 138352
Gibraltar v Georgia € 125104
Jordan v Nepal € 117916
Chile v Guinea € 109317

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