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In a few hours, those citizens who have the right to vote, will go to the polls.. In a representative democracy, such as the Greek one, the highest organ of the state, which is the people, exercises its power through elections. With them, the electorate chooses its representatives who, for the entire duration of the parliamentary term, will exercise all those responsibilities provided for by the Constitution, the Rules of the Parliament and the laws.

In recent years, the Greek elections have also become the subject of betting in the various companies, with a multitude of options. Obviously, here I will neither develop political positions nor compare systems and programs. Every day I follow the news, I listen and read a lot and various things, and of course, the statement of Mr. Katrougalos, during one of the elections, caught my attention. As was normal and expected, they were very serious and multi-layered. reactions after his statements, to restore the rate of insurance contributions for the self-employed to 20%. What followed from the opposition's side undoubtedly justified the term "own goal" attributed to the matter in question.

So I relate the 'own goal' in para one to the polls that came before it. Of course, I am not in a position to judge the reliability and correctness of the polls (and if I could, I wouldn't do so here publicly), but I certainly take them into account. A couple of polls have appeared lately that put the difference between the first two parties at around 6%. I saw that the bookie has been weighing in at 4,5% for a long time. So I think that the approximately 8-9% of the undecideds that remained, as the parties' rally is logically rising, may have been influenced by the Katrougalou issue, so a relatively large part of it goes to the ruling party. In such a case, I estimate that the difference between the two parties (ND - SYRIZA) will exceed 4,5%.

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