Europa League Competition: Critical matches for Greek teams - Registration Instructions

Europa League Competition: Critical matches for Greek teams - Registration Instructions

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After two days of action and spectacle in the Champions League, it's time Europa League where today a total of 24 matches are held. Two of them have Greek representatives (AEK & PAOK) who in fact play two very crucial games in Greece and the Netherlands, respectively.

For AEK, things seem to be easier, as it welcomes the Ukrainian at home and with many problems covid - Zoria. Clearly more difficult mission for PAOK, in the Netherlands and the headquarters of PSV Eindhoven.

However, the Today's program includes great matches which in many cases judge qualifiers.

In our contest voucher: Find the score and win prizes each week, you can find the current schedule of the event and add your predictions. You know, at the end of the day you can be the winner!

What do I have to do to enter the competition?

-The participants have to do simple -completely free- site registration for them to have username, with which they will participate in the competition. Sign up here.

Once you have registered, through the main page of Infobeto you can click on left center bar the tab: COMPETITIONS and EUL: Coupon and you are automatically transferred to the specially designed environment where you can save your predictions.

Of course, this can be done immediately by just clicking on the link below: 

See the coupon of the 4th match of the Europa League

 What are the GIFTS of the Europa League Competition

The infobeto after the end of each race rewards the winner of the process with a gift. At the end of the event, the best but also the luckiest will receive the price of 100 euros.

Winner of each competition: 20 €

Winner of ALL TOTAL of the organization of the Europa League: 100 euro

Below you will see in detail the gifts for the Europa League competition

  • 1 Group Racing winner: 20 euro
  • 2 Group Racing winner: 20 euro
  • 3 Group Racing winner: 20 euro
  • 4 Group Racing winner: 20 euro
  • 5 Group Racing winner: 20 euro
  • 6 Group Racing winner: 20 euro
  • Phase winner of 16: 20 euro
  • Phase winner of 8: 20 euro
  • Phase winner of 4: 20 euro
  • Final winner: 20 euro
  • Winner of the TOTAL Europa League: 100 euro




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Great Competitions!

The infobeto organizes 3 new major competitions for the Champions League, the Europa League and the Greek Championship!

Check out the link below for the terms of participation and how you can take part and win rich gifts!

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