He did not redeem his own bulletins!

He did not redeem his own bulletins!

from / BETTING NEWS / Thursday, June 22 2017 08: 00

A problem arose in collecting terrestrial bottles in Italy. In particular, bets returned 22600e could not be collected by the player, who was accused of having "broken" his tickets!

The player had bet two vouchers one of 200e and one of 90e on Stanleybet's ground store after having first asked the shopkeeper if this action is acceptable to the company. The shopkeeper urged him to divide the bets on 13 same cards with smaller amounts, for speed reasons as he then claimed in court. The shopkeeper assured his client that this action was totally legitimate and that he would not have a legal issue.

The case came to the Maltese courts where the company was represented by a legal person who claimed that the company's rules were known and agreed and agreed with the land-based shopkeepers. The shopkeeper was confronted with the fact that he had done so in the past and had no problem.

Then the lawyer accused him of doing so by wanting to bypass the company's daily profit rule. Each company has a maximum payout payout that can pay to its players and the 15000e has its own. The shopkeeper with the player apparently wanted to "show" many small profits that all exceeded this limit.

Under the company's operating rules, the court refused to pay the winning coupons, arguing that these rules are either not known or not, should be applied.

Is there something similar in Greece?




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