What we need to know when we have gambling profits What we need to know when we have gambling profits

Taxation and gaming profits

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Several players have been confused about gambling taxation and the declaration of their winnings from betting and gambling in general. We'll show you what the law says to try and answer your questions.


Before we begin, let us note the important thing that the taxation of winnings in gambling with columns (such as betting) are subject to tax per column play. The height of the column is determined by the gambling provider and varies by company. For example OPAP has 0,30 euro / column, bet365 and stoiximan have 0,10 euro / column, etc. So, depending on what you are playing, you are taxed according to the value of the column specified by the provider.

Based on 4141 / 2013 law as it was published in FEK A '81, any profits earned on OPAP or to 24 legitimate companies operating in Greece, a tax on winnings from Internet betting is taxed according to the following tax scale (Article 22):

- When there is a net profit per column 100 to euro is tax free
- When there is a net profit per column by 100,01 500 to euro, then the amount exceeding 100 euros is taxed with 15% (the first 100 euro is tax-free)
- When there is a net profit per column from 500,01 Euros or more then the amount that exceeds 500 euros, is taxed with 20% (the first 100 Euros are tax free, the next 400 Euros are taxed with 15%, and the remaining earnings from 500 and above are taxed with 20%)

The crucial thing for the player is to know that taxing his profits is by withholding taxes from the providers (OPAP or 24XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX-XO ) on behalf of the player, at the time he requests his profits. Commonly, once paid, it will already be taxed.


The law sets out a different way of taxing gambling with play sessions. Games played through games are games of chance and casino gambling, the result of which is not generated by a random number generator, also known as live casino games, including, but not limited to, poker tournaments .
In these games the taxation is done according to the same scale as mentioned above with the difference that the withholding tax will become the moment the game is over and not when it is called up. That is, the tax will be withheld to the winners of a poker tournament at the end of the tournament and do not have to wait for a withdrawal.


In the income statement you can declare your revenue from the bet or more generally by gambling. It's good Ask for tax returns and tax deductions from the companies you won to include them in your statements. This amount will be taxed only on the solidarity levy and will not be included in the income to be taxed as a whole with the applicable tax scale.


According to X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X Y X X, no earnings confirmation may be granted for agency games except when the player is nominated and paid by bank transfer, while for amounts below 200 Euro no profit statement is issued.

The Regulation is concerned all providers of gaming services, except casinos for which a separate decision will be taken.

In particular, this Regulation states that gambling service providers must pay players who play at the agencies as follows:

- For gross winnings over 800 Euro per card, obligatorily via bankroll, after Certification of the player's identity.

- For winnings from 200 to 800 Euro per ticket, through a bank and after a player's identification, if he so requests at his request.
- For profits below 200 Euro, per card, through agencies.

As far as the profits statements are concerned, providers have to provide profit statements, only the first quarter of the year and only if the player has been branded by bank. For gross profits below 200 Euro per coupon, no profit statement is issued.


According to a circular issued to all the FTD in March of 2014 and related to the deductible expenses for 2013 tax returns, that evidence of gambling costs is taken into account. Because circulars and instructions change frequently, consult your accountant about any change to your new statement.


Aris Triantafyllopoulos

Aris Triantafyllopoulos

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