The infobeto opens the & quot; 24 Legal & quot; betting in Greece. The infobeto opens the "24 legal" betting envelope in Greece.

What are 24 legal betting

from / BETTING NEWS / Saturday 03 February 2018 19: 46

Which 24 are legal betting in GREECE; Which betting bets have earned a Greek VAT number and offer their services legally to Greek players? Below we have prepared a table with all the information we have been able to gather about them.

We analyze the 24 companies that requested 2011 in December to qualify for the transition period so they can legally operate in Greece in the gambling sector via the internet. Each company can operate what url has told the SCIS as long as they meet certain specifications.

Licenses for the provision of gambling services over the internet are granted in accordance with the provisions of articles 45 to 48 of law X.NUMX / 4002 (A 2011). Until now, such licenses have not been granted.

Based on the provision of paragraph 12 of article 50 of the aforementioned law, during the transition period, until the above licenses are granted, the providers of betting and gambling services via the Internet are legally established in the Member States of the European Union and the European Economic And are legally licensed to operate and provide such services, they may continue to provide their services in Greece only if they are immediately, voluntarily and retroactively scheme of Articles 45 to 50 describing the same law.

According with a statement from the Ministry of Finance and in application of POL.1248 / 13.12.2011 the following 12 50 4002 / 2011 XNUMX Stakeholders Regime was placed on the internet by the following X-Gamma / XNUMX online betting and gaming service providers:

* the table below will be updated continuously according to developments.


172, Level 1, Triq Salvu Psaila, BKara, BKR 9077

MGA / CL1 / 845 / 2012

* Malta
* Inactive


* CASH POINT is Austrian based and licensed (MGA) in Malta.
* It worked for a very short time at Cashpoint.gr and immediately announced their temporary suspension in Greece.


Holdings Limited, 1st Floor, 12-14 Ridgeway Street, Douglas, Isle of Man, IM1 1E

000-038939-R-319306-001 (Isle of Man)

* Isle of Man

* Sports / Casino / Poker
* Active


inactive in Greece

* Paddy Power is one of the largest UK betting companies based in Ireland and licensed to Isle of Man.
* Paddypower.gr does not want to activate it fully in Greece unless the legislative framework is finalized and final licenses are given.
* In July of 2015, Paddy Power began in very small steps to communicate with the Greek public in order to make a market check and quality to plan the next step.
* Following Paddy Power's union with betfair, we expect to see if the company would prefer to bring betfair's sportsbook (attention, not the exchange) to Greece, as it is more recognizable in the Greek market. However, to date he has no intention of investing and operating in Greece.
* Paddy eventually decided not to allow players to register from Greece until newer.


Villa Seminia, 8, Sir Temi Zammit Avenue, Ta 'Xbiex MSD09

* Malta

* Sports / Casino
* Active


* Kingmaker, a Greek company, operated nokibet.gr with a registered office and license issued at 14 / 1 / 2014 (MGA) in Malta.
* Its operation was from May 2014 until October of 2014 where it abruptly interrupted its operation for intra-company reasons.
* In February of 2015, Kingmaker launched talks on transferring it to another company. One of the candidates was 666bet who, while signing and taking stocks, was blocked from last minute protests. The company can not currently run the Greek site (666bet.gr) but 666asia.com has started operating in other countries with the permission of kingmaker. But the serious problems that the "mummy" company in England is causing her to freeze almost all of her plans up to date. However, it is unknown that the company will end up and whether the shares will change hands.
* Kingmaker's shares did not eventually be transferred to 666bet and remain open for talks with new investors.


ID no. 000-001772-R-103868-005 (United Kingdom)

* UK
* Sports / Casino / Poker
* Active




* Sporting Odds Ltd is a member of Centric Group and manages vistabet.gr and sportingbet.gr.
* Sporting Odds Ltd is licensed (license number 000-001772-R-103868-005) and is controlled by the UK Gambling Commission.

* The GVC, in that Sportingbet and Vistabet, after the completion of the acquisition of bwin, decided to put and bwin in the Greek market through its own license (Sporting Odds ltd already operates Sportingbet) belongs since longer belong to the same group. The launch for the Greek public took place at 8 / 9 / 2016.

* In October of 2017, Centric, which had the marketing rights of Sportingbet and vistabet, proceeded to an agreement to sell these rights to GVC Plc. Centric, the interests of the head of Rodolfo Ontoni and the businessman Marios Diakou, under the agreement are said to receive once the transfer of 14,4 million euros and, subject to conditions, additional 20 million to 2020.


177A St. Moritz, Tower Road, Sliema SLM 1603, Malta-EU

MGA / CL2 / 734 / 2011

* Malta

* Sports / Casino / Poker
* Active








* Rebels Gaming Ltd operates betrebels.com and is licensed by Malta with the number MGA / CL2 / 734 / 2011, issued on October 6 2011 by the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA).
* 2013-14 operated under the license of evobet.gr and 90bet.gr, which were discontinued by Rebels Gaming Ltd. In 2015 April, 90bet.gr also entered the blacklist of EYEP.

* In July of 2015 interwetten.gr stopped working with Magic Services and now operates under the license of Rebel Gaming ltd

* 2017 under Rebels' license came in Winmasters which was launched in December of 2017.

* In the middle of 2018 under the permission of Rebels was approved by EEPC to start a new company vivobet.gr.

* On xNUMX December of 11 vivobet.gr announced its temporary shutdown.


29, Clarence Street, Pieta 'PTA1290, Malta

MGA / CL1 / 735 / 2011 (MGA-Malta)

* Malta

* Casino / Poker
* Active






* The company operates Casinostar777.com based and licensed (MGA) in Malta. Has a C53765 company number.
* Has two MGA / CL1 / 735 / 2011 and MGA / CL4 / 194 / 2004 licenses
* From 2015, the company has applied to MGA to take its platform for a sportsbook and is expected to be licensed until the summer of 2016.
* 3 has been announced to run new urls, including tipbet.gr and is expected to operate in the Greek market (along with 4stargames.gr) early December of 2016 after the class 2 is downloaded by MGA.
* In November 2017 launched the presence of bet14.com in Greece.

* Malta

* Inactive


* Silver Link has a registered office and license (MGA) in Malta.
* It was originally ready to play playbet.gr. In October of 2011, when a press release about Playbet.com was issued, it was reported that they were together with Diamond and Lucky Strike owner companies. Eventually it was preferred to register with another company and so it was inactive.
* Since November of 2014, actions have been launched to bring bwin to the market with an initial thought of running betandwin.gr. At the same time efforts were made to acquire Silverlink. In March 2015 made the final decision that bwin will come back with its regular brand bwin.gr and we appreciate that the green light will be given by the new owner of bwin, GVC that manages and Sportingbet.
* GVC ultimately decides not to proceed with bwin via Silver Link ltd and to be transferred to the same license as Sportingbet if they already belong to the same group.

66 Old Bakery Street, Valeta

MGA / CL2 / 790 / 2011
MGA/CL1/790/2011 MGA/CL1/791/2011

* Malta

* Sports
* Active




* Lucky Stream Limited and Diamond Link Limited are registered and licensed (No. of licenses: MGA / CL2 / 790 / 2011 - MGA / CL1 / 790 / 2011 - MGA / CL1 / 791 / 2011 with 31 / 1) in Malta and runs the playbet.gr and the white label of this nitrobet.

* Since November of 2014, actions have been taken to make nitrobet.gr work as a white label and finally 2015 in the end of March was actually activated in the Greek market.

* In 2015 in October Playbet and Nitrobet announce that they close the Sportsbook (possibly due to the closure or sale of the Lucky Stream license) and continue through Diamond Link as Casino and Poker sites.

* In January of 2018, Lucky stream announced the suspension of its activities and thus of the websites of playbet.com and playbet.gr.

* In the 2018 Fall, Bet365 purchased the Lucky stream license and from 6 / 12 / 2018 runs bet365.gr in the Greek market on its own license.


66 Old Bakery Street, Valeta

MGA / CL2 / 790 / 2011
MGA/CL1/790/2011 MGA/CL1/791/2011

* Malta

* Casino / Poker
* Active






* The Lucky Stream Limited and Diamond Limited Link domiciled and licenses in Malta (Reg. Permits: MGA / CL2 / 790 / 2011 - MGA / CL1 / 790 / 2011 - MGA / CL1 / 791 / 2011 issued on 31 / 1 / 2012).
* The casino and poker of playbet.gr and nitrobet.gr work.

* Diamond Link also manages Pokerstars.gr and fulltiltpoker.gr.

* Pokerstars 2017 acquired Diamond link ltd.

* Pokerstars has created betstars.gr to act as a sportsbook.


Level 2, The Marina Business Center Level 2 Abate Rigord Street Ta Xbiex

MMA / Class 2 / 156 / 2002 MGA / Class 1 / 156 / 2002 / Class 1 / 747 / 2011 / 3 / 156 / 2007

* Malta

* Sports / Casino / Poker
* Inactive
(mybet.gr) * The company is of German interest (with the number C30759) is based and licensed in Malta.
* Personal Exchange International Ltd. (PEI), and PNO Casino Ltd. (PNO) are state licensed and controlled by the Lotteries and Gaming Authority, Malta: || PEI License: MGA / Class 2 / 156 / 2002 - Full license for sports betting, issued on 09.06.2005 || License PNO: MGA / Class 1 / 156 / 2002 - Full License for Casino, issued on 2.4.2013, MGA / Class 1 / 747 / 2011 - Full License for Casino, issued on 2.4.2013 / 3 / 156 for Poker, was issued at 2007.
* Mybet.gr operates.
* Mybet Holdings announced that it has begun a bankruptcy petition for 17 on August 2018, and that early on, Spencer filed for bankruptcy and Personal Exchange International Ltd (with the Maltese license), which means the company's definitive termination. At the same time, the license to Greece was lost!

3 Victoria Building Triq I-Ghenieq - Naxxar NXR 3622 Malta.

MGA / CL1 / 171 / 2003

* Malta

* Casino / Slots
* Active





* Malta-based YEZ Gaming from 2012 has an MGA / CL1 / 171 / 2003 License Number and is controlled by the Malta Gaming Authority (Malta Lotteries and Gaming Authority).
* Directslot.gr works.
* Games offered by Directslot.gr are licensed and regulated by the Alderney Gambling Control Commission unless otherwise stated.
* Directslot.gr operates under license from YEZ Gaming, which is legally established in Malta (Registration Number: C 45610).
* In September of 2014 7epta7.gr also operated under 3, which after 2015 about a month stopped its operation due to problems with licensing by EEPO, problems that brought the url to the black list in April XNUMX.

* On 15 October 2015 with DirectSlot announcement, DirectSlot suspends its operation in the Greek market "due to the legislation and special conditions created in Greece with Capital Controls".

* In December of 2016, the SCEN announces that the company's URLs are blacklisted.


Marta 3, Tallinn 11312

No HKL000072 (Estonia)

* Estonia

* Casino
* Active

grandx.com * The company is based in Estonia and licensed for casino
* Grandx.com works.
* IMG Kasiinod Ltd has expanded its activities from 12-9-2011 to Greece. Gaming under the brand name Grand X is offered through grandx.com by IMG Kasiinod, a company incorporated in accordance with the laws of the Republic of Estonia, under the registration number 10264881, and registered office at Marta 3, 11312 Tallinn, Republic of Estonia.
* The activities of IMG Kasiinod are governed by the laws of the Republic of Estonia and have all the certificates required for its activities. The Tax and Customs Service of the Republic of Estonia has issued for IMG the license No. TH-42 for organizing its 16 September 2007 toys and license No HKL000072 for gambling, such as gambling at a distance 3 January of 2011.

Fuchselbachstrasse 7 | 4060 Leonding | Austria

IKD (Pol) -070.268 / 2-2010-O (Austria)
GLB GMBH EOOD (Bulgaria) License Nr: 1668 / JAZ
CEG-IP / 2013-102 (Curacao)
No.: IKD (Pol) -070.268 / 2-2010-O (Estonia)

* Austria

* Sports / Casino / Poker
* Active














* GLB operates the goalbetting.com which is its trade name Goalbet.com. OR goalbet 2009 was established in Austria and its actions are approved and regulated by the legislation of the Republic of Austria.
* Goalbetint.com works.

* GLB GmbH appears to have the following licenses:
GoalBet International Betting (Austria - License Number: IKD (Pol) -070.268 / 2-2010-O)
GoalBet International Betting (Greece - TIN: 997522440 | No .: 4925 / 86)
GLOB GMBH EOOD (Bulgaria - License No: 1668 / JAZ | CEG-IP / 2013-102) CEG-IP / 2013-102 (Curacao)
No.: IKD (Pol) -070.268 / 2-2010-O (Estonia)

* GLB in January of 2015 makes a move to include 7epta7.gr at its Tax Registration Number and in February the agreement is finalized and reopened in the Greek betting market. But not for long as the URL entered the blacklist of EEPC in April 2015.
* In May of 2015, white label joinbet.eu was officially launched in the Greek market, based in Curacao. Since then, many white labels have appeared under this license. But until mid-2017 most of the white labels are redirect to Goalbet.com or closed.
* 2winbet.gr in the middle of 2016 ceased to operate under Eldorado and was transferred under the license of GLB GmbH as 2winbet.gr and a few months later 2winbet.gr ceased its activity.


Villa Seminia, 8, Sir Temi Zammit Avenue, Ta 'Xbiex XBX 1011

MGA / CL2 / 317 / 2007
MGA / CL1 / 819 / 2012

* Malta

* Sports / Casino
* Active


* Meridian Gaming is a company of Serbian interests.
* In Greece it operates meridianbet.gr.
* Meridian Gaming is based (C 41334) and licensed (MGA / CL2 / 317 / 2007) in Malta. On 3 / 12 / 2009 he also took Class II Remote Gaming License.

* Austria

* Inactive
(admiralbet.com) * STS Sportwetten operated admiralbet.gr for a few months at 2012 and then released a notice that it is suspending the operation of its site in Greece for the security of all due to the ambiguity of the legislation.
* STS Sportwetten GmbH has a VAT number. 997522570 and a license held in Austria is legally active in Greece by 01.01.2012, in accordance with the Ministry of Finance's document 5175 / 81-02.02.2012.

Reichsstraße 15 8430 Leibnitz, Österreich

12458 / 13.12.2011 (Montenegro)

* Austria

* Sports / Casino / Poker
* Active





* Eldorado Sportswetten has its headquarters and license in Austria with which it operated until its suspension of jet2bet.com.
* In Greece he is licensed and controlled by the Greek Government (12458 / 13.12.2011 of the Minister of Finance).
* It is allegedly in its license that bet3000.com.gr originally started operating very quickly, and 2winbet.gr and 1X2-bet.gr took the turn.
* 2winbet.gr also declares that it operates under the license of DELTA INFORMATIONS LTD, which is based in London and is licensed in Montenegro issued on 12 / 5 / 2014.

* 1X2bet.gr declares to the site that its administrative and technical offices are located in Greece with Mr. Theodoros K. Theodoridis responsible for the company with 997522568.

* On 26 / 11 / 2015 the EL.AS men found out that the owner of Eldorado had set up an illegal land-based betting network throughout Greece under the name "1x2-bet.gr".

* 2winbet in the middle of 2016 ceased to operate under Eldorado and was transferred under the license of GLB GmbH.

* In November of 2016, EEPC announced the 1X2-bet.gr (and .eu) showcase on the blacklist because it provided services in the Greek Territory in violation of the applicable provisions.


Apartment 21, Suite 116, Charles Court, St. Luke Road - Pieta

MGA / CL1 / 402 / 2007
MGA / CL2 / 646 / 2010

* Malta

* Sports / Casino
* Active





* Magic Services is a Greek-based company with a registered office in Malta.
* Magic Services Ltd operates under the following licenses: • MGA / CL1 / 402 / 2007 • MGA / CL2 / 646 / 2010 All issued and regulated by the Lotteries and Gaming Authority of Malta (MGA).
* These licenses are operated by 2014 on May at bet8.gr and since November of 2014, interterwetten.gr.
* Since December of 2014, approaches have been launched to include a company from the Everest Group in the VAT Magic Services. The aim was to enter expekt.gr in the Greek market and in February of 2015 the agreement of the two sides was reached.
* In April of 2015, expekt.gr has been approved by EYEO.
* Magic Services in the spring of 2015 is in talks to find new investors to support the company's growth. Many interlocutors such as Intralot, Interwetten, Tipico and others are expected to make several changes.
* In June of 2015, Magic Services changed its management plan and the company was refinanced in order to ensure the smooth operation and re-emergence of bet8.
* Expekt, after the adoption of its advertising plan by EYEP, began its commercial communication at the end of November of 2015.
* In July of 2015, interwetten.gr stopped working with Magic Services.
* Principles of 2016 expekt suspended its operation in Greece.
* At the end of 2017 spartabet.com started operating under the license of Magic Services.
* In December of 2017 the owners of spartabet.com took the majority share of Magic Services

Emancipation Boulevard 29, Curacao, Netherland Antilles

Nr .: 104867 (Curacao)
MGA / CL1 / 735 / 2011
MGA / CL4 / 194 / 2004

* Curacao, Netherland Antilles

* Sports / Casino
* Active



* The company is of Greek interest and is based and licensed in Curacao (Netherlands Antilles) with Licensing Nr .: 104867.
* With this license running the sportsbook at championsbet.net.
* Since January of 2015, championsbet has been running its new, upgraded and up-to-date platform and licensed by Malta for its casino games.

1 Kings Avenue, Winchmore Hill, London, N21 3NA, United Kingdom

MGA / CL1 / 272 / 2006
MGA / CL1 / 608 / 2009
MGA / CL3 / 608 / 2009
MGA / CL1 / 855 / 2012
MGA / CL2 / 272 / 2012
MGA / CL1 / 995 / 2014
MGA / CL1 / 1043 / 2014

* UK

* Sports / Casino / Poker
* Active




* Love 2 Celebrate was launched by Novigroup to run unibet.gr but did not "go".
* Beginning with 2014, however, is running netbet.gr.
* Love 2 Celebrate Ltd is a limited liability company subject to the laws of England and Wales, with an 06530389 license number. The company is registered in Greece under the number ΑΦΜ. : 997522624.
* NetBet is a trademark of Cosmo, a limited liability company, subject to Maltese law under license numbers. MGA / CL1 / 272 / 2006, MGA / CL1 / 608 / 2009, MGA / CL1 / 855 / 2012, MGA / CL2 / 272 / 2012, MGA / CL3 / 608 / 2009.

* Cosmo is licensed and regulated by Malta's Lotteries and Gaming Authority (MGA) * The Netbet.gr site is owned by Cosmo.

* From November of 2015, the 2 Celebrate license was introduced by the Russian betting company 1Xbet.gr which eventually failed to be fully licensed by EYEP to operate in Greece.

* The netbet from the end of 2015 discreetly left the Greek market until the end of 2016 where it returned as it solved legal issues that had its license. Information says netbet has now bought Love 2 Celebrate from its previous owner.


PO Box 227, Clinch's House, Lord Street, Douglas, Isle of Man, IM99 1R

124281C Registry Number (Isle of Man)

* UK

* Sports / Casino
* Active




* Logflex is a limited liability company with an 997522600 VAT number that was included in the transitional regime by the Ministry of Finance.
* In Greece it operates novibet.gr belonging to Novibet ltd licensed in Isle of Man.
* Novibet is controlled by the Isle of Man Gambling Supervision Commission and is licensed for the Novigroup (124281C Registry Number) at 27 May 2010 under the 2001 Online Gambling Regulation Act.
* Novibet operates under the supervision of Novigroup Limited.

1 Kings Avenue
Winchmore Hill London N21 3NA

* UK

* Inactive


* The company (possibly owned by Novibet ltd) has been given a tax and license for the transitional period.
* Try to operate lexcasino.com but did not proceed and then the license stayed inactive.

1 Kings Avenue
Winchmore Hill London N21 3NA

* UK

* Sports / Casino
* Active



* DOMS Holdings is a limited liability company that has been incorporated into the transitional regime by the Ministry of Finance.
* In Greece operates statusbet.gr owned by Novibet ltd licensed in Isle of Man and since November of 2014 and spinbet777.com
* The Statusbet controlled by the Gambling Supervision Commission of the Isle of Man and is subject to the permit approved for Novigroup (Registration Number 124281C) in May 27 2010 and according to Law Online Gambling Regulation Act 2001.
* In May of 2015 spinbet777 announced its closure.

* Statusbet operates under the supervision of Novigroup Limited

* On 26 on October 2015, Statusbet announced its suspension and called on players to withdraw their money.

* In October of 2016 DOMS Holdings went into the hands of a new owner.


Apartment 21, Suite 41, Charles Court, St. Luke's Road, Pieta PTA 1027

MGA / CL2 / 348 / 2007
MGA / CL1 / 348 / 2007

* Malta

* Sports / Casino
* Active











* B2B (C41936 company number) is based and licensed in Malta.
* The permissions it holds are: MGA / CL2 / 348 / 2007 (running from 27 / 4 / 2010 and issued on 27 / 1 / 2012) and MGA / CL1 / 348 / 2007 27 / 10 / 2010.
* B2B Gaming Services Ltd now runs the following pages: Bet365.gr Betshop.gr Magicbet.gr Greenwin.gr
* From the beginning of 2012 until November of 2014, stoiximan.gr
* In April 2015, the verusbet url that was running on B2B, appeared on the blacklist of EEPD.
* In April of 2015, fiestabet.gr and pyrsosbet.gr announced their cessation of operation.

* On 10 / 6 / 2015 Callbet stops running and at the same time absorbs it Betshop which was also her own white label.

* Information wants B2B to be sold to a company already operating under this license

* Magicbet.gr with its announcement informs that it stops running on 30.09.2018 and invites players to withdraw.

* Safebet.gr, with its announcement, informs that it stops operating on 15.12.2018 and invites players to withdraw.

* On December 6 of 2018 bet365 withdrew from the license of B2B and moved to the lucky stream that bought it first.


Level 5, Quantum House, 75 Abate Rigord Street, Ta 'Xbiex XBX 1120, Malta

MGA/CL1/567/2009 MGA/CL2/567/2009

* Malta

* Sports / Casino
* Active





* Gambling Malta ltd has its registered office and license in Malta with no. company C 43209 and with the following MGA / CL1 / 567 / 2009 and MGA / CL2 / 567 / 2009.
* Since its inception, casinos maltagrandcasino.eu and bet-at.eu have been operating where it has been interrupted shortly.
* Betsonic.gr then took action
* Since November of 2014 only works stoiximan.gr

In addition to the 24 companies licensed with the above status, the online Greek market operates from the middle of 2018 and OPAP with the new betting platform Pamestoixima.gr.

(update information: May 2019)

* With green color the active URLs of the licenses

* With gray color and brackets what URL's are inactive on the permissions.

* Malta = Malta Gaming Authority / Malta Lotteries and Gaming Commission

* EYEP = Committee for Supervision and Game Control (Greece)




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