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Bet on your "screen"

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We all know that in recent years technology has been getting better in our lives, now through mobile phones that are constantly evolving. Typical is the rise of various applications that find practical use in our daily lives and upgrading the standard of living with the continuous development of their services. Now we can use our cell phone to call a taxi from the exact location we are, to see the airplanes flying over us where we are, to find out what song it is playing in the shop that we have come out of!

On the last one was based on the latest technological achievement that serves betting friends! How can this happen; In which shop can you be with some "recognition" to serve if you are a friend of the bet? Mr. Willometzer, founder and CEO of Snapscreen, explains how the idea was born from using the mobile to better serve the customer: "Like at the airport you check the ticket to checkin quickly at the airport, so bookmakers can scan your documents quickly and easily to speed up transactions, "he says.

"Here is the idea of ​​Snapscreen, it's like Shazam for the bet! You can be out, watch a game on TV and through the application scan the picture and get you straight odds and fast bets," he continues to quote inside. At the same time, he argues that the reason why the application is only compatible with television is that the reason for the existence of television is directly linked to football since it is the only means of showing the beauty of the sport! This is what has excited customers and has given encouraging first samples.

Where else can the technology go? We all know there is no answer to this question - that there are no limits. We want to believe there will be more such new "findings" in the future. Already betting companies in Greece have made some first steps. As far as the betting websites are concerned, Infobeto with its mobile app is at the forefront of your choices!




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