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In Greece, besides OPAP, there are so-called "foreign bouks" or foreign betting companies. Only strangers are not, as most betting companies are now Greek and legal. With a recent law, 24 betting companies have managed and obtained a Tax ID to obtain a temporary license to offer online legal betting in Greece and now through these 24 licenses, they are legally active over 40 bookmakers via their respective websites or sites.

The most common way to attract new players from betting companies is none other than the well-known bonus to all of us. Most bookmakers offer 100% bonus on the player's deposit amount, which in no case should exceed 150 Euros (only one company offers this percentage) while some betting companies do not go above the 50 Euro bonus!

bet bonus

All deposit bonuses to be withdrawn require certain conditions and more specifically require turnover, for example. from three to six times the deposit amount. That is, in 50 Euro deposit with 100% bonus, the turnover reaches many times and the 300 Euros to be withdrawn. Some betting companies have introduced the free bet, while some others, far less, the no lose bet. We believe that based on this data, players are looking for the best company, ie the one that gives the highest and best bonuses.

betting companies

In the first case, however, if a player plays one Betting value 50 euro with 2.00 return and wins then 50 euro and no 100 Euro will be credited to his account! In the latter case, things are clearly simpler, though few betting companies now give the no lose bet. In this case, the player plays the bet he wants, with the amount he wants and if he loses he gets his money back.

More news:

- The well-known Bwin has decided to close 3 in June at, which founded 2009, to run its brand names, Bwin and Partypoker.

- Companies know that the majority will support the favorite and therefore cut the odds. The same is true for bookies in any betting options that tend to become or have been historically popular.

- Bonus companies also send a promotional code upon sign up. The password is important and must be entered in the appropriate field to credit the bonus to your account. If this is omitted, you should contact the company support department so you do not miss the offer.




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