EURO 2020: Find the Score and Win Prizes !!!

EURO 2020: Find the Score and Win Prizes !!!

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The competitions continue in the summer! We do not stop at infobeto anywhere! So, we continue after the completion of the 4 competitions of the series "Find the score" in:  

- Champions League
- Europa League
- Superleague
- Euroleague Basketball

by organizing a competition of another big event like that of the Pan-European Football Championship of National teams.

The infobeto is also present at Euro2020!



- Participants must do simple registration on the site (click here) for them to have username who will participate in the competition.
- The competition will be held at main page of where you will be able to find all the necessary information but also the matches you will have to choose the score or whatever else you are asked.
- Contestants complete before the start of each race the table with the exact final result and when we reach the knockout games you will have to choose the final result and the phase in which it will be achieved (eg in regular time, in extra time or on penalties).
- There is no minimum forecast which one must complete to be considered valid at the end of the competition.
- If a match is postponed or stopped (for any reason and at any point during its duration), the result announced by the organizer will be calculated.



The goal is to find the final results and earn points depending on how close you fell to your prediction. 
The object of the game is to collect the most points and win prizes. The winners will win sponsorship prizes. At the end of each race, the contestants will be automatically graded according to the following rules:

The points are additional and apply to how well your prediction matches the final result of each match. In the group stage there are 3 results (home win, tie, away win) while in the knockouts there is no draw and you are looking for the final result that will end the game and the phase that will be achieved (regular time / extra time / penalty)

E.g. if a game ends in the regular season 1-1, in overtime each team scores another goal (2-2) and goes to the penalties where they will score 5-4 goals on penalties, the correct final score will be 7-6.

Details of the points you get:

+ 3 points for each successful prediction with an exact result
+ 5 points for every successful tie forecast
+ 4 points for each successful winner prediction
+ 1 point for every successful home goal goal prediction
+ 1 point for every successful goal score of the score
+2 points in knockouts if you chose correctly that the final result will be judged in the regular time.
+4 points in knockouts if you chose correctly that the final result will be judged in overtime.
+6 points in knockouts if you chose correctly that the final result will be judged on penalties.


When 2 or more users have the same number of points, whoever has:

(a) the smallest total number of forecasts. 
b) the most accurate predictions for accurate scores
c) the most accurate endpoint predictions 
d) the most correct predictions in team goals (individually)
e) draw.


The first per race (and in total throughout the event) who will collect the most points in the competition will receive the following prizes.


EURO 2020

 1 Group Racing winner: 20 euro
2 Group Racing winner: 20 euro
3 Group Racing winner: 20 euro
Phase winner of 16: 20 euro
Winner of the 8:20 euro phase
Winner of phase 4 and final: 30 euro

Winner of the TOTAL of the organization of EURO 2021: 100 euro

The prizes will be delivered after the end of each phase of the contest after a first week's communication with the winners to the email you provided when you signed up.




Good luck and good fun.




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