EuroLeague: Super offer* for Panathinaikos-Real on!

EuroLeague: Super offer* for Panathinaikos-Real on!

from / PRESS RELEASES / Thursday, December 07 2023 14: 40

The Panathinaikos-Real Madrid, for its 13th match EuroLeague, it's played with super offer * at!

Another week with a double match in EuroLeague reaches its end and Panathinaikos he wants to close it in the most ideal way.

The "trefoil", after the defeat at home They were partisans, wants to recover within the OAKA against Real Madrid (07/12, 21:15) and with his world as an ally, to reach victory.

The task will not be easy, since the Madrileni are one of the best teams of this year's tournament and are in first place in the standings, with just one loss (12-1). However, the Panathinaikos, which is in 7th place (6-6) has proven that this year is for the... difficult.

Panathinaikos-Real Madrid with a super offer at

His big showdown Panathinaikos with the Real Madrid it is at!

You enjoy the basketball action at OAKA more with super offer * for the game. In addition, you find enhanced returns on markets:

  • First scorer Costas Sloukas at a yield of 7.50*, from 6.50
  • Win Panathinaikos with Top Scorer Dino Mitoglou at a yield of 9.00*, from 8.00

The Panathinaikos-Real also offered with 0% rake **, while it has over 250 markets, to make your ticket, as you wish.

A little later (21:30), h They were partisans receives the Armani Milan, and to you find enhanced returns on:

  • First scorer Kevin Pander at a yield of 4.50*, from 4.00
  • Win They were partisans with Top Scorer Jacques LeDay at a yield of 13.00*, from 11.00

Triple introductory offer* without deposit

In you experience all the sports action with super triple offer* no deposit!

Champions League, Europa League, Super League, Premier League, La Liga, domestic Cups, EuroLeague, Basket League, NBA, but also every sports competition is in, to have fun the way you want.

Triple offer* to get to know each other for free, to enjoy every magical moment in the world's top stadiums, but also unique games in Live Casino!

*Terms and Conditions apply.
**Valid for "Final Result-Enhanced Odds" purchase until the start of the match.







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