Final 4 in Live Streaming * at Stoiximan with Super Enhanced Odds

Final 4 in Live Streaming * at Stoiximan with Super Enhanced Odds

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The time of the Euroleague semifinals has arrived! Analysis and predictions for the two matches that will bring the pair of the final.

The Greeks, the Spaniards and the Turks. In one of the metropolises of European basketball, Belgrade, the four best teams of this year's Euroleague will cross their swords claiming the big trophy. It is the great opportunity for Olympiacos to return to the top.

Let's take a closer look at the two couples.


Barcelona-Real Madrid


Barcelona has taken the air of the Queen for good during the term of Saronas Yassikevitsios in Barcelona, ​​having managed to beat the Madrilenians in every possible and improbable way. Especially this year, the Catalans' superiority is clear as the Spanish champions always find the way and the appropriate adjustments to return to Real, even when things are not going very well for them.

Nevertheless, we are talking about one of the biggest derbies in the history of the sport in Europe, which many times in the past has given us upsets, sending predictions to the bucket. The image of the two opponents in the playoffs has even covered the semifinals in Belgrade with a veil of mystery.

Super Enhanced Odds - Nick Calathes: 8+ Assists at 4.20 from 3.10 at Stoiximan

The champion in the regular season of the Barcelona tournament, had a hard time against No. 8 Bayern Munich. Coach Trinkieri gave Sarah a very close battle, with the Catalans (as they did last year against Zenit) needing five games to get a ticket to F4. On the contrary, Real Madrid briefly took out the well-trained (in the final straight of the regular season) Maccabi, showing a show of strength against the Israelis. It was obvious that the "people's team", which relied heavily on the productivity of its dynamic talls, did not get along well with the fullest frontcourt in European basketball.

Bet Builder with Alberto Abalde Points 5+ and Walter Tavares Rebound 7+ at odds of 2.64

Pablo Lasso knows that he will have to keep the Catalans low productively in order to have good luck in terms of qualifying. In the last two matches between the two teams, Barcelona "wrote" 23/43 three-pointers, constantly relying on its effective regional actions to find a score when it really needed it. Communication in Real's defense will therefore be crucial. Players like Abalde and Ruud, who are known for dealing with off-screen actions, can be important constants in coach Lasso's defensive plan. The Madrilenians will focus on the interception of Laprovitola (Hanga-Taylor-Abalde) who is having a party against them this season. He will probably have his reasons…

O / U / points: Nicolas Laprovittola Line 9.5, we choose the Over at odds of 2.08

Real will also have to respond to the Catalans' pressure on the regional. Coach Yassikevitsios will push the guards of the "Queen" with Kalathis-Exum at the forefront and the energy of Abrines. It is a given that Sergio Yul will need support, especially in the final straight of the match.

Barcelona will methodically touch the ball to the paint, either to score or to create. Nikola Mirotic will be the point of reference, as few PFs in Europe can test his ability in the low post. Equally important, of course, will be the Catalans' defense against Guerschon Yabusele, Lasso's most consistent player this season.

The outsider label is Real's biggest ally in this great battle, at a time when the opponent does not want to with his performance. The Madrilenians will lean on the size and great quality of their tall players, hoping that with patience and proper circulation they will find the right shots to support them with the desired frame. Nevertheless, Barcelona is a better, more balanced team. It is a "team of destiny". Made to hit the top. The risk of spiritual breakdown always exists. It is there and it can break up any team on such a night as history has taught us. Nevertheless we will go with the best team.

Bet Builder with Barcelona Handicap -1.5 and Points Over 141.5 at odds of 2.01


Olympiacos-Anantolou Efes


When a match tends to overshadow in popularity and interest a semi-final between Barcelona and Real, any attempt to describe its significance seems small. She is last year's champion who was so challenged during the season but returns to the land of great battles to defend her crown. Opposite her is a king of the not-so-distant past, ready to impose himself with his power on anyone who enters in front of him on the way to his own return to the throne.

Super Enhanced Odds - Sasha Vezenkov: 3+ Accurate Three-Points at 3.45 from 2.57 at Stoiximan

Olympiacos goes to Belgrade knowing that the condition that has now been created is favorable for him. It is a situation in which he put himself, with his own work and perseverance. The red and whites are two matches away from the title but now they are only thinking about the semifinal where they will face one of the most "deadly" teams in Europe.

Bet Builder with Sasha Vezenkov Points 12+ and Sasha Vezenkov Rebound 5+ at odds of 1.77 at Stoiximan

Anadolu is not distinguished for the balance regarding the staffing of the roster but also in terms of competitive performance (sometimes it managed this year and sometimes not). She had alarming degrees (in terms of frequency of occurrence) ups and downs in the defensive part which in many cases prevented her from finding flow in the attack. The famous release of the ball that distinguished her in recent years made her appearance a few times, a situation that "wrote" in the performance indicators of the once best shooting team of the organization. But we are talking about Anantolou. Enough with the cons…

Champions may not have the freshness, but they do have the personality, experience, talent and more "poison" than any other contender. They have a host of veterans who know how few at this level know how to perform these valuable "victory details", bringing the team to the foam, a shrewd and smart man on the bench and of course the two best soloists of this event. The Mitsic-Larkin duo are unmatched when they start rolling and can -especially on the big stage of F4- bring Efes to the fringes of "basketball of supremacy".

George Bartzokas knows that a key pillar of his strategic plan will be to keep the effectiveness of this duo low. They may score but they will not do so with high efficiency. It is a given that the Greek team will need to make many defenses in one against one. The Wokap-Papanikolaou will be the vanguard while the tall ones must be ready to support the defensive structure in the defense of change.

The possible absence of Rodrigo Bobois makes Anadolu less unpredictable and removes a very important weapon from her quiver (especially in the offensive transition). This fact combined with the fact that the Turkish team does not actually have a point of reference in the low post (rests the ball low on the mismatches but does not have the pure post player) can make it more readable for a well "equipped" defense like this of Olympiacos. Ataman trusts Plais in position "5" who with his ability in shooting can open the spaces in the racket for the guard-smugglers of Efes.

The Greek attack in turn will need participation. It is the feature that distinguished her identity throughout the season and what should make his appearance now. Olympiacos can write history in Belgrade without necessarily being hooked on the backs of one or two of its scorers. He can lean on his defense and get production from many people that will ensure him a good offensive record.

Thomas Walkup Assist 3+ at odds of 1.95 at Stoiximan

It is therefore important to be able to punish the "gamble" in the Turkish defense and to aim at those shots that will prohibit "deep" aids in the racket, keeping the defender in his player high. This will create good situations in the "painted" but also the appropriate frame of spaces for the Pick & Roll attack to run properly with creator Sloukas, who can throw Anantolou on the canvas. The static shots of Papanikolaou-McKissick and the executions of Dorsey after a dribble can set the tempo of the match for Olympiakos.

In conclusion, Olympiacos is going to Belgrade to make the agreement look completely favorable for him. He has the momentum, the freshness, the stamina and the push of the podium on his side. But he needs his mind to be able to maintain the necessary spiritual coherence that this test requires. Efes has the wisdom and cunning to make him pay, there is no doubt about that. But the Greek team will have the upper hand if it makes a good energy defensive game and minimizes the number of mistakes in its attack. Olympiacos can take the first step.

Olympiakos winner at odds of 2.21 in Stoiximan

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