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This page describes how to use cookies from this site. If you continue to use this site, you consent to the use of cookies.

What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files stored on your computer by your web browser at the request of a site you are viewing. This allows the site you see to remember things for you, like your preferences and history, or to keep you connected.

Cookies may be stored on your computer for a short time (like only when the browser is open) or for a long time, even years. Cookies not defined by this site will not be accessible to us.

Use cookies

This site uses cookies for many things, including:

  • Record and maintain your preferences, including ensuring that you can stay connected and keep the site in the language or appearance you requested.
  • Analytics. This allows us to determine how users use the site to improve it.
  • Promotional cookies (possibly from third parties). If this site displays ads, cookies may be set by advertisers to determine who has seen an ad or similar stuff. The site does not have the ability to read or write these cookies.
  • Other third-party cookies for things like sharing through Facebook or Twitter. These cookies will generally be determined by the third party independently, so the site will not have access to them.

The typical cookies we set

These are the basic cookies we define during the normal running of the forum.

  • xfa_csrf
    • It stores a token unique to you, which is used to confirm that the actions you performed on this site were intended to be executed by you.
  • xfa_session
    • Saves your current session ID.
  • xfa_user
    • It saves a key unique to you, which allows us to keep you connected to the forum as you navigate from page to page.

Additional cookies and those set by third parties

Additional cookies can be defined when using the site to remember the forum as some information is being done as we are doing certain actions or remembering some of your preferences

Other cookies may be set by third-party service providers that may provide information such as anonymous tracking of visitors visiting the site or content embedded in certain pages such as YouTube or other media service providers

Remove / disable cookies

Managing your cookie preferences should be done by the browser options / preferences. Here's a list of guides on how to do this for the most popular browsers:

More information about cookies

To learn more about cookies and find more information about blocking certain types of cookies, visit ICO website Cookies page .

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