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    Μπασκετικά στατιστικά -σελίδες,προγράμματα κτλ

    καλησπέρα μπορείτε να μου προτείνεται σελίδες με στατιστικά για αγώνες μπάσκετ διαφόρων πρωταθλημάτων? βασικά με ενδιαφέρουν οι αγώνες που έχει το κουπόνι δωρεάν ή με συνδρομή ευχαριστώ
  2. Water resistant

    Where did you get your USERNAME from?

    from the movie
  3. Water resistant


    do not play roulette there is NO profit margin
  4. Water resistant

    Big Brother

    why not? If there is an option, let us have a topic. I do not watch it and I do not know what and how, neither for the departures nor to which audience it is addressed and who votes and determines the result. ...
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    US elections 2020

    Donald fell to 2.0 the price I expected to bet was 3.25
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    US elections 2020

    at 2.15 Donald
  7. Water resistant

    Season 2019-2020

    The Spaniards made you the best birthday present for your friend, happy birthday, with health and success
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    US elections 2020

    Donald dropped to 2.25
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    sans voir

    νομίζω ότι ξέρω πως γεννήθηκε η ιδέα για τέτοια πονταρίσματα έχοντας χάσει τη Μπαρτσελόνα με νίκη της οσασούνα,με απόδοση που έκλεισε στο 56.00 και τη Γιουβέντους από την Ουντινέσε που το γύρισε με απόδοση 29.00 θερμά συγχαρητήρια στον νηματοθέτη
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    Exchanges - Betfair Turnovers

    προτείνω να ανοίξεις ένα υπαρχουν σελίδες που δείχνουν τις πτωσεις αποδόσεων oddsportal και πολλά άλλα δοκίμασα μερικές φορές να ποντάρω με κριτήριο την πτώση της απόδοσης κάποιες κέρδισα άλλες έχασα δε βρήκα κάποιο ουσιαστικο πλεονέκτημα οπότε το άφησα
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    US elections 2020

    Donald climbed to 2.75
  12. Water resistant

    Exchanges - Betfair Turnovers

    to anyone who knows
  13. Water resistant

    Exchanges - Betfair Turnovers

    how to become someone who is interested in learning more?
  14. Water resistant

    Helping those on the verge of TILT !!!
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    US elections 2020

    I edited the first message and I took a snapshot with the odds tramp was 2.30 when I opened the topic now went 2.50
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    Leeds - Fulham 4-3 at 75 ΄ ..... Over 7,5 is worth playing ... at odds of 1.70
    Dortmund - Gladbach OVER 3.5 with odds of 2.52 / and a little bit in 2 with odds of 5.25
    Manchester - Crystal Palace 1 & OVER 3,5 with odds of 3.05 / And a little bit in the final score 3-1 with odds of 11.5
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    I closed at eight o'clock .... good evening alania
    Good morning to the company
    First bet of the day .... duo gg in the matches Hibernian - Rangers and Southampton - Tottenham
    Next .... Newcastle - Brighton 1 at odds of 2.70 / and a little at 1 & OVER 2,5 at odds of 4.60
  • Ertzan Ertzan:
    Have played Feyenoord Over 2,5 and Over 3,5 and be 1-1 from 29 and see what is lost. It's a reason to cut your veins (no I haven't played over because I'm allergic)
  • game game:
    the over has been cut for some years now .... germany b or c that I remember ... 1-1 at 9 "... eeee still 1-1 is ... aunt re ...
  • Balaton Balaton:
    not to play over 2,5 Erjan to play the goal and that's it
  • Ertzan Ertzan:
    Golaki you said. Friday Lyon I also said goodbye to good morning life
  • Balaton Balaton:
    yes i saw it and i did not play it by chance because i was not home
  • Ertzan Ertzan:
    That makes me happy is the truth
    that you would play it too but by chance you did not play it
  • Balaton Balaton:
    look at 3 matches per season you will lose them no more just you do not know when it will happen
  • Balaton Balaton:
    and you will be able to play around 160 matches per season
  • Balaton Balaton:
    that's how my statistics work out for me
  • Balaton Balaton:
    that I will lose 3 matches per season in the 160 that I will be able to play
  • Balaton Balaton:
    some season may have 140 some another 180 somehow so goes and comes out average 160
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  • Ertzan Ertzan:
  • Ertzan Ertzan:
    This is a championship you never get bored of everything happening
  • Ertzan Ertzan:
    While now I see Chelsea-Liverpool I am already drowsy even though I have been drinking 3 coffees since morning :p
    Inspiration to Chelsea - Liverpool that we will have a penalty charge