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  • animusbet animusbet:
    Have you recovered since yesterday?: twis:
  • Ertzan Ertzan:
    ok we were in a bad moon what to do
  • Ertzan Ertzan:
    Mercury was retrograde in Taurus
    I don't know what's worse in the final...the spectacle or the playing field...
    Stupid Juancar, you made a mistake when you went 3 meters, which resulted in a few seconds after the idiot Kotsiras got a second yellow card.
  • Ertzan Ertzan:
    the playing field
    Goodbye cup...he doesn't get it with 10 players....only if because he generally has a lot of duels, Aris eats red too
  • Ertzan Ertzan:
    the X you can take it out in the normal duration that's what I want
  • Ertzan Ertzan:
    you whined and 2nd red on Mars this time, what else do you want?
    i don't whine....i hold them....it makes a difference
  • animusbet animusbet:
    we want a win in normal time so we can go eat afterwards
  • Ertzan Ertzan:
    it's like whining, I know
  • Ertzan Ertzan:
    At this time, let's go for a drink
  • Ertzan Ertzan:
    now that you said food I remembered that : smk1:

    and that I went to write to you that there will be another red one
  • Ertzan Ertzan:
    they slaughter Ares light lantern
  • animusbet animusbet:
    fits this slogan as well
    Fotis will nail it in a little while
  • Ertzan Ertzan:
    Fotis makes another nail, the season is over for him
    Well, he didn't know how to go to a monastery so you don't have to say...
  • Ertzan Ertzan:
    Vayanidis the executor
  • Ertzan Ertzan:
    Karipidis chases the referee
  • K Kavajim:
    Let him fall down and be quiet...
  • K Kavajim:
    A title just for this year's Bernard... The big one will come tomorrow
  • Ertzan Ertzan:
    for anyone who is interested in the boring French Cup match after the spectacle
    Ertzan Ertzan: for anyone who is interested in the boring French Cup match after the spectacle