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    Value, the big bet of the gambler

    The 1.33 City was a funny performance. Butters give a low performance to the premiere because people watch and load it. Anyone who goes undercover says points, let's find them. And Arsenal's little performance and Liverpool's yesterday.
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    Value, the big bet of the gambler

    It's a way of calculating. But will you find a company and be accessible?
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    Value, the big bet of the gambler

    I do not understand the error. Chances are chances. Copenhagen Prey - Red Star gives me 60 'bet the final ace with 2.50 and the score is 1-1. There was a reasonable performance around but until I decide, a Red Star player is eliminated in red and ...
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    EYP - what does this organization do?

    I have never understood what this ... independent authority serves. Legitimate sites are the job of the Ministry of Finance to authorize them - in line with the prevailing perception of the European Union to have free competition but to issue national licenses for betting sites. The ...
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    New Government and Gambling.

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    New Government and Gambling.

    There is no legislation for the following reason: 13 was banned from exchanges and at the same time temporarily licensed to 24. Then the fans took to the floor and said "24 - Pencil Bulletin Agent". So it went to ban the 24s but no ...
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    Value or Sure?

    My sure thing was learning an old Italian. At that time all companies were still playing but had no electronic wallets. What I noticed was of course the very small profit rates. A thousand to get 28 Euro, but he didn't care for the Italian, he was fine. The other that ...
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    PAOK - SAINT 06-08-2019

    He'll be laughing at the pardon today too. 20.00 start time. Odds: Ajax = 1.95 Ajax -1 = 3.40 HT over 1.5 = 2.75 HT over 2.5 = 8.00!
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    New Government and Gambling.

    There was a state-lust in gambling, but it did not hold for a long time, after the forced privatizations came, first of OPAP and then of ODIE. In the casino there has never been a thought of becoming public, the GNTO. The casinos went to private individuals from the beginning. But so in the years of ...
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    The betting policy of the new government

    The undisputed-unstable-aaaa worst government of unrepeatable clowns of history has definitely belonged to the past. The betting policy of the new government now what will it be? I am very afraid of one of (c) same. This is because there is no betting people. Bigger zirzibi ...
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    VAR favors the under?

    Weird Germany. I saw her too and the number of teams did not change. Elsewhere;
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    VAR favors the under?

    Make me Germany-Italy and whatever you find. says but when did each country implement the app? We, from here, think.
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    VAR favors the under?

    Can someone make statistics in different leagues? (a) the season before the VAR; (b) the VAR season.
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    VAR favors the under?

    Continue goal cancels (three in the Oruguay-Peru match). But even in almost all the goals put VAR, because the defenders cry. In my opinion favors under. In the penalty we suppose it is fifty-fifty to give one of the VAR or take it back to VAR. Which are not - these ...

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