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  • I concluded because I had exactly the same problem in January for the time I told you. I do not want your details, but the way of your answer was irresponsible for this and I did this. Patience, control is typical, you will soon be complimented. Also, I do not think they responded to you the way you write why I had explained to me the process properly.
    What do you mean I heard somewhere and I came to gather opinions? And from what conclusions? If you do not want an infobeto to report the issues that arise to say straight! Stoiximan has paid me 10 days, my account is open and I play normally and all I'm told is patience and you tell me the lock is locked, so what it is! If you are actually communicating with companies, my account details (yes, what I have to collect opinions) are available at any time, and the details I have identified with this company.
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