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  • Good evening my friend is there any news from the tziros? I do not want to tire you but I would like to know what is happening, and some time ago it was closed again and then opened.
    Good Evening. We have not found anything we are in contact with Betfair when I have new ones I will let you know
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    Thanks and I hope you read it because what I see on my cellphone for a week is different from what I saw 10 years ago. The orange background has become blue white and there is no code to give or Laek thank you. I swear because I'm at work and I call them another time by phone
    I have changed the forum format and can not find anything from the mobile. Ask your mobile if I have a problem with my mobile phone contest
    Good morning
    tzanoym gia pes mou ti paizei me thn smarkets? paizei kanonika h exoyme provlima? giati dokimasa na mpv kai den moy bgazei to gnosto mhnyma olakala ...
    and within the proposal form changed it, it does not say to edit after that time! yeah yeah yeah I know you fucked up
    Kalispera, tha xreiastw tin boitheia sou, Here and 2 months I play in Smarkets, so far I am totally satisfied if there are exceptions to the delay in the clearance. But I have not attempted to take over, to say I have to deal with some problem; you have been doing something; Michael
    I do not end up with your team, I wanted to play corners in this game but I did not find anything to combine it, fasting tonight
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    PANATHA PANATHA: what was I telling you at the beginning and what am I telling you now?