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  • good time and good year. I try to send you pm, but you have gathered so many pm and my forehead is a message that you can no longer receive messages, haha.

    what do we know about unibet?

    I succeeded randomly. he is licensed in Greece; seems to accept Greek players, but only once I did. I thought it did not exist in Greece.

    I have not seen her either on any betting site or on the list of legitimate betting sites you can find on the betting site.

    you as a more experienced person will know it. I have the right to play in a creature; is easy to score in value bettors?

    I see it has good odds in some matches that interest me

    I was playing for unIbet for years before and after the 'legitimate' story and was very reliable on payments. 2 was working on the money. I stopped playing for about a year because I did not accept my method of payment anymore. I say my truth is missing.
    Kiss good,

    Reading I understand you have a lot of experience with the subject and I would like to give you 2-3 tips as I take my first steps with arbs.

    I started a few days ago with bets on bet365, Pinnacle, betsson, expekt, williamhill, betfair, betdaq, 188bet plus a weekly subscription to rebelbetting (original 1500 euro).

    The bets I'm currently playing are small (up to 150 EUR per event divided into 2 or 3 book depending on arb).

    Do you think they will limit me soon (stakes are rounded to 5-10 euros)?

    Which other sites is worth subscribing to?

    As soon as the weekly subscription to rebelbetting (9 euro cost) is over, it is 130 per month.

    Since I'm not thinking about making the arbs permanent job (have not dismissed me yet), is there a serious and cheaper alternative to rebelbetting that you think it deserves?

    Finally, if you want to give 1-2 extra tips based on your experience, I would be obliged to you.
    Hi ganian. Do you have an email that we can find you?
    My own, ablackjim228 [at] gmail [dot] com
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