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  • Good evening ! I have found from some of you that you have experience and knowledge of how betting players are handled. I have a betting account and I play 3 1 / 2 betting months with 50 total X deposits and 0,1 euro bets. I would like to ask you the following:

    1. Which systems do you suggest, which betting selections and what leagues for the summer?

    2. Which other company is worth opening an account for?

    3. Do you know about sites that give information about lesser leagues, eg Japan, Malaysia, Singapore?

    4. Which regular systems do you follow and are you winning?

    5. It makes me feel that some OPAP winners come out each week with how many of 50, 100, 200.000, many of whom are betting with a few euros. You think they are just lucky, informed about the outcome before they bet or are informed by statistics.
    Thanks in advance !

    "A great favorite in this game is Raanana's guests who after their last appearances have reached only 2 points behind 2's position that gives rise to the big category."

    5,5 teams go up this year.
    5 starts straight, 6 is playing bar with its penultimate A '
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