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  • Good evening ! I have found from some of you that you have experience and knowledge of how betting players are handled. I have a betting account and I play 3 1 / 2 betting months with 50 total X deposits and 0,1 euro bets. I would like to ask you the following:

    1. Which systems do you suggest, which betting selections and what leagues for the summer?

    2. Which other company is worth opening an account for?

    3. Do you know about sites that give information about lesser leagues, eg Japan, Malaysia, Singapore?

    4. Which regular systems do you follow and are you winning?

    5. It makes me feel that some OPAP winners come out each week with how many of 50, 100, 200.000, many of whom are betting with a few euros. You think they are just lucky, informed about the outcome before they bet or are informed by statistics.
    Thanks in advance !

    "A big favorite in this game are the guests of Ranaana who after their last appearances have reached only 2 points behind the 2nd place that gives rise to the big category."

    5,5 teams go up this year.
    5 starts straight, 6 is playing bar with its penultimate A '
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  • Γ George84:
    Any Olympiakos that did not manage to win a shitload of money last night by competing against women and men in basketball in every offered odds over 4 and 3 respectively (and there were many odds-hits) let them leave the bet.
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    Good evening alania ...
    Today we have two matches for the championship that were postponed ... for the 13th game of Apollon - OFI and for the 16th PAOK - Panaitolikos ..... for those who play in the Super League competition with the scores .....
  • Ertzan Ertzan:
    Well re kotzam Exasterohahahahahahahahahaha playing with Tska in an empty stadium? τιναφτόρε : paidi:
    Dortmund - Freiburg easily Over 3,5 goals .... 2 will be scored by Haland .... one will be given for fun by the defense of the hosts so we are looking for another goal
  • animusbet animusbet:
    Let Halland score a goal in the 1st half to catch him in doubles
    T. Menier (Dortmund) @ 17.00 Hat Trick
  • animusbet animusbet:
    even at the end of the half, Holland paid
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    Matrixxx has left the room.
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    Good evening Alanya
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    The Euroleague announced the new hours of the postponed matches, including the Olympic games against Zalgiris and Zenit St. Petersburg.
    The match of the "red and whites" with the Russian team in SEF will be held on March 8, while the match against Zalgiris, which was also postponed, was scheduled for the 15th of the same month.
    We do not have Antoni in such a large company ?? Happy Birthday!
  • Ertzan Ertzan:
    eric castel
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    According to its announcement, the Premier League has postponed again the postponed match between Burnley and Watford, [which was scheduled for Tuesday 18/1 at 21:30.
    The game was postponed for the second time, as the hosts do not complete the required number of players due to their absences with coronavirus, injuries and international obligations.
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