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    Meridianbet departs from Greece

    Meridianbet, which was licensed by MERIDIAN GAMING LIMITED, permanently discontinues its business in Greece. Betting ended on 23 / 09 / 2019. In such cases it is advisable to withdraw the balance immediately.
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    Announcement: New Live Betting Service on Infobeto Chat

    Infobeto is constantly evolving, as it is nowadays, and offers you a new live betting service, at the peak of the weekend. After our new and modern betting forum, which now has many features, with top-of-the-line chat which ...
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    Great reversal in the online betting market

    OPAP Without Internet License! A very large turnaround in the online betting market was brought by the Council of State following an appeal by the Austrian Goalbet (GLB GmbH), which, with legal authorization in Greece, appealed to the Supreme Court in a ...
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    sans voir

    Very good reading Niko, even if he didn't get the point across. The performance of the ace at some point (during the race) had reached 3.00. Sample that played it straight and did little to surprise. Well done!
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    At ANT1 Euro 2020

    The final phase of the 2020 European Championship will be televised by ANT1, as it was announced in tonight's program presentation. ANT1 will cover the final phase of Euro 2020 television. The news was announced at the presentation of the program on the Marousi Channel last night ...
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    Infobeto Holds Great Competition For The Greek Championship!

    No, for those who don't. Those that already have, okay.
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    Infobeto Holds Great Competition For The Greek Championship!

    The countdown to the start of the Greek Super League has begun, as the first whistle for this year will be heard tomorrow, Saturday 24 August. In keeping with the ... betting traditions, INFOBETO organizes a great competition for the Greek Championship, with the winner of every race ...
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    Still making your way to the Premier League Fantasy Tournament?

    Entries remain open for the big Fantasy Premier League tournaments with guaranteed prizes worth 250.000 € *! This year's English Championships is scheduled for Friday 9 August at 22: 00, so there's still room to prepare your team ...
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    Play Off Europa League Lottery: Opponents of Greek Teams

    The draw of the Europa League playoffs was also completed, where ARIS, AEK, PAOK and Atromitos learned their rivals (in case they overcame the obstacles they already face). Recall that for PAOK champion this will be the case if he is excluded in the third ...
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    Champions League draw: Good draw for PAOK, worst case scenario for Olympic

    Champions League: A few minutes ago the draw for the playoffs was over. PAOK In the third qualifying round of the competition, the Greek champion is called up to face Ajax, with the first game taking place tomorrow at 20.00 in Toumpa. If qualified then the next one ...
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    Europa League: These are the potential opponents of the Greek teams!

    The draw for the Europa League qualifying rounds will take place tomorrow, Monday (22 / 07) and UEFA has already created the subgroups from which the first "couples" will emerge - who will face AEK, Aris and Atromitos. Three Greek teams will join UEFA's ...
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    Dominik Beier (Interwetten): We will triple investment in Greece if permanent permits are voted on

    "Three times more investment in staffing, marketing and advertising will be done if the institutional framework is finalized and we get a permanent license to the mononews, the new CEO of the Austrian betting company Interwetten, Dominik Beier. Mr. Beier, who is from the beginning of 2019 in ...
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    central chat

    The central chat was replaced by the forum chat (if you mean). Now, we have a common chat in a central forum.
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    Exclusions, new games & Summer Fiesta at Casino

    The last week of June is set to be "hot" at's online Casino. Exclusions for members of do not stop! After the impressive Gladiators Go Wild who made his premiere only in this online casino, the series is coming for another one ...
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    Are we okay mom?
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    mercy with videos
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    which video?: twis:
  • Ertzan Ertzan:
    But the guy really did, but the foreigners had not done such a spam to us either
    Benfica - Bayern 0-0 half time ... and I throw my crazy Over 2,5 with odds of 3.00
    In France Lille - Sevilla 0-0 ... the Over 1,5 at 2.75
    In Manchester we will have 2 more goals, I believe the same in Switzerland while Juve will have a hard time winning the match in Russia
    In Manchester I believe that a penalty will be given ....
    We were full of goals and spectacle
  • Ertzan Ertzan:
    Yes, but like the Super League, we do not have to say that
    Copenhagen - PAOK 0-1 in 32΄ ..... I think he will have another goal in the first half
    and in Betis - Leverkusen I also think we will have goals in the first half
    Worth a small bet for Over 3,5 in Copenhagen
  • Ertzan Ertzan:
    Well what a penalty the goat gave
  • Ertzan Ertzan:
    again our arbitration is in a hurry
  • Ertzan Ertzan:
    first the caribou in Mahmutoglou's foul for unsportsmanlike
    Come on Ertzan you do not like referees in the Euroleague .... why? since the president Jordi has done everything perfectly in the organization
  • Ertzan Ertzan:
    Summer is leaving
    In Denmark Vejle - Northland 1-0 at 30΄ ..... I think he will have one more goal in the first half .... the Over 1,5 at 2.20
    Arsenal - Aston Villa 1-0 in the 30th ...... I think we will have one more goal in the first half .... the Over 1,45 at 2.30
    I have absolute confidence in Arsenal ... even an own goal puts or takes a stupid penalty ...
  • Ertzan Ertzan:
    I really caught the over 0,5 in the chuck must be the fastest cashier in my life
  • Ertzan Ertzan:
    Of course, they lose a lot, but with their game, Arsenal is embroidering tonight
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