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    IFC # 17 season 2020-21: Register!

    In and I know .... Manchester United
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    Have a nice trip John.

    Unfortunately today a good friend has escaped ... A child passionate about AEK and with a genuine heart ... Simple, straightforward and very hospitable ... I still find it difficult to digest it ... Good brother travel ...
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    EEA recommends for the expulsion of PAOK and Xanthi from the championship - Avgenaki Positioning

    Re Nicolas, please dude .... That is our acquaintance ... Will you talk about me being a gangster? Verba volant, scripta manent ... I know this ... A simple search in our infobetiko past reveals exactly who the fan is (in the sense that you are not a fan anymore ...
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    And these to read Johnbill for a better understanding ... (and put in and like the rest of the audio ...)

    Nicola .... Cut the boy ... You're a bit aggressive ... Don't offend ...
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    EEA recommends for the expulsion of PAOK and Xanthi from the championship - Avgenaki Positioning

    Interview with ESA rapporteur on SPM and Lime ... Read and listen to the audio ... Any questions will be resolved ... -meli-tis-eea-einai-pepeismena-oti-telestikan-paraptwmata-apo-paok-ksanthi / 4037910
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    IFC # 16: B GROUP: 11 racing

    I think guys I lost 3-2 and didn't come 2-2 with coria ... Look at that ...
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    IFC # 16: Entry Forms

    Good morning and have a good season ... I declare participation as a substitute .... MANCHESTER UNITED - johnbill
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    Longtime McLaren

    Answer: Long-time McLaren Happy birthday and wish you friends ...
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    Long time Erjan!

    Answer: VARIOUS HERZEAN !!! Happy birthday to you .... whatever you want ....
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    Answer: ALL TIME IFC RANKING (2017 EDITION) I'll take the kids in the skit .... Along with the racing dates .... I can't catch a job right now ...
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    IFC Championship Final # 14, 12-13 / 5 / 2018

    Answer: IFC Championship Final # 14, 12-13 / 5 / 2018 Congratulations to all the participants ... Congratulations to the winner and finalist ... Bravo kids ... Last year again ...
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    Meeting in Volos

    Answer: Meeting in Volos I was in Volos too ... A little wine, a little tsipouro, a little sea, a little bit of tea, a little bit of food and a little bit of still food, a little bit of soda, a little bit of oil and a little bit of coffee ...: twis: No abuses ....: twis: It was **** ing great, I also met him for the first time ...
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    2018 Infobetic Pie Cutting

    Answer: 2018 Infobet Pie Cutting Kids 10 / 2 Reserve ... I'll know for sure at the end of Genari ... The willingness to be present is a given anyway ...
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  • K Koulos87:
    Will we start this weekend or will we be informed? Also we only give points or overovers; Thanks. I am playing for the 1st time and I am not mentally ready yet !!! hahaha
  • Ertzan Ertzan:
    for ifc you say?
  • Eric Castel Eric Castel:
    Ertzan just tell him under over to take the match on paper. I have him for the first time :p
  • Ertzan Ertzan:
    Koulos87 said:
    Only points
    Good morning alanya
  • Ertzan Ertzan:
    Good morning Good morning
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  • Eric Castel Eric Castel:
    Good morning, I want to write an analysis in the main but it does not show me the ratings of other countries besides Greece. I entered from another browser, restarted klp but nothing.
    And he has not shown them to me for a long time!
  • Eric Castel Eric Castel:
    And where do you copy the names of the teams?
  • betokamatiaris betokamatiaris:
    Good morning! Will the Interwetten competition start today?
  • Eric Castel Eric Castel:
    It started yesterday. It does not matter, play today.
    Eric I have to find them elsewhere .... I thought he only did it to me
  • betokamatiaris betokamatiaris:
    Oh I did not understand! It has its own page I guess ...
    if you enter from a laptop ..... it has on the left with white letters "competitions" .... click there and you will find it ....
  • betokamatiaris betokamatiaris:
    Thank you very much!!!
    And there is a similar competition in the Champoions League and Europa groups, when they start
  • betokamatiaris betokamatiaris:
    Thanks again "co-religionist" ... I have to coordinate and my visits have more time in order to look better!
    And of course there is the Tipsters Challenge ....
  • betokamatiaris betokamatiaris:
    The thing is that while I'm in the forum ... the system does not recognize me - There is no match between the username and password or you have not yet created an account.-
    This is probably what the kids here on the site should see.