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  • No one is chatting right now.
    nailed it....AEK 2-1....
  • Ertzan Ertzan:
    with a penalty
  • Ertzan Ertzan:
    the Atromitos player was signed
    What a phase when the supporters on the benches are making noises and eating if they won't play in the next match....
    In Live I did something... but in pre game 0/4.....
  • Ertzan Ertzan:
    In other news my team's women's team beat Lyon in the Super Cup 109-52 : smk1:
    Did the others play with me less??
    Today I took the day off and I didn't write anything
    ....from the evening matches I see Hoffenheim - Dortmund a nice draw with a score of 1-1, in Benfica - Porto goal - goal and an easy red card, in French Strasbourg - Lens I would go to 1X & GG (1-1 goals / 2-1) and in Barcelona - Sevilla very nice "Leva to score and Ramos to receive a yellow card" by Stoiximan in the Super Enhanced Odds with a yield of 4.65 while at one point I believe that Sevilla will not lose.....excellent the X2 & Over 3,5 with a yield of 8.75
  • Ertzan Ertzan:
    Admission by KED: The wrong lines were entered in the canceled goal of Atromitos - Papapetrou is on "ice"

    Nice things
    Yes, but then they said that they should have entered properly, maybe it was offside... well, guess what... something like a little bit pregnant
    You saw the other one....Unlikely and yet Greek! After a study by TAIPED, a static problem was found in the Calatrava shelter, as a result of which the OAKA was locked.
  • Ertzan Ertzan:
    Last week, AOX-Kimmeria was without fans because it says the stadium did not have a renewed fire safety permit, that is, in all the previous years it had, but now it did not have what is immortal Greece
  • Ertzan Ertzan:
    It is logical that the OAKA and the roof are not maintained, why should they maintain it when every 2500 years the Olympic games are held
    Yes, but yesterday some 60000 people gathered there...that is, first there were matches and then there were the controls?
  • Ertzan Ertzan:
    it always happens like this on all fronts, even with the floods, first everything sinks and everyone drowns, and then we see the problem
  • Ertzan Ertzan:
    Don't you understand that we live by luck? When luck forsakes us then we die
    And among all that, Panatha will also be looking for a stadium for Europa...
  • Ertzan Ertzan:
    Why can't it be on the Avenue? If I remember correctly, you must also declare an alternative stadium
    Yes, he has declared it....but another there with 13.000 tickets and another at OAKA with 60.000.....
  • animusbet animusbet:
    Ok, if we can't play in OAKA and Leoforos isn't suitable either, then let's play in our summer house: bask:
  • Ertzan Ertzan:
    which country house 54-19 I have you
  • Ertzan Ertzan:
    Schalke is a great coffee shop
  • animusbet animusbet:
    I didn't mention Ercan stadium, but I understand your anxiety: twis:
    Salke I had her on someone
    despite the long-term plans for promotion....who can imagine how he will struggle to save...
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