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  • No one is chatting right now.
    Good morning to the company
  • McLaren17 McLaren17:
    is Tsitsi lucky today?
  • Ertzan Ertzan:
    Although in pale form
  • McLaren17 McLaren17:
    loaded Nole
  • McLaren17 McLaren17:
    and with profits we go to buy no solana :D
  • Ertzan Ertzan:
    Now I know you will say West Ham-City from 2-0 to 2-2 etc, what to tell us in front of yesterday Aris-AEK from 0-2 to 3-2 : paidi:
  • Ertzan Ertzan:
    For the time being, Nole is "raping" Tsitsi 6-0 in the first set
  • McLaren17 McLaren17:
    the 1st set went well 6-0
  • McLaren17 McLaren17:
    200 € at 1,47 I threw
  • McLaren17 McLaren17:
    and yesterday I considered Ukraine Eurovision a gift but I did not bother
  • Ertzan Ertzan:
    Well, Kompotis should be blind there
  • McLaren17 McLaren17:
    That's why I said let's go for Solana with a price close to 50 € and the remaining ~ 45 we will break them into 1-2 crypto
  • McLaren17 McLaren17:
    because of the war it made sense for all of Ukraine to support
  • McLaren17 McLaren17:
    I personally liked a good song but I do not know if it did not have a war if it would come out first
  • Ertzan Ertzan:
    would not come out
  • McLaren17 McLaren17:
    for now we want Nole to clean I have him and in a small parole with 14 € he gives me a 60 €, I am waiting for Nole Everton 1X, Plzen and Inter X2
    You are doing well ... 'Everton will win ..... a huge one here on the site also gives it : D!: ROFLMAO:: Sleep:
  • Ertzan Ertzan:
    Chichi easily
  • McLaren17 McLaren17:
    with 10 'players and the 2-2 was done quickly
  • McLaren17 McLaren17:
    2-3 mercy
  • McLaren17 McLaren17:
    62 'and 64'
  • P Pantelis2937:
    Guys, I want to ask something about the 5 € voucher that I bought from OPAP to play it on TV there electronically, can I go and give it and they will give me back the 5 euros that I had given?
  • McLaren17 McLaren17:
    you can go ask at the checkout, I imagine he can
  • McLaren17 McLaren17:
    a small duo Inter and Switzerland X2
  • McLaren17 McLaren17:
    difficult things for Milwaukee, without Middleton have no score
    McLaren17 McLaren17: difficult things for Milwaukee, without Middleton have no score +1