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    IFC # 16: Coupon: 1 Racing 17-9 / 9 / 2019

    And I didn't open it but I clicked on your name on another topic and say I sent my choices .... did you come?
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    At ANT1 Euro 2020

    Yes but also when it pays to get to the events again some will find themselves grumbling ...
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    Tipsters Challenge

    I have been writing in competitions for over a year now ... it is a great and instructive competition as it puts you in the process of thinking and analyzing why you are betting every spot which means you are not fooling around just to play something ... me ...
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    about tipsters / tipsting

    Suppose we say about him? Yannis from Chania ?? Maybe ..... but you have to be on top .... have a cellar to bet on and start with 80 if you subscribe to all tipsters .....
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    chasing the tie

    Yeah ... but to play a game gg let's just say wait for a draw and wait for a draw ... don't come and double play every time .... think stress after 4o or 5o game ...
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    chasing the tie

    Dangerous for both our pocket and our health .... huge risk and psycho fluoride ....
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    Contest: Tipsters Challenge

    I didn't say it needed to change anything ..... Regardless of the rules for me it goes without saying that there is never and nowhere 10 / 10 especially when we are betting here from 1.30 and up ....
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    What does National Basketball have to do with National Football?

    No, Pavlidis has not played in a Greek team .... 2016 signed Bochum first contract ..... you say you are another ....
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    Contest: Tipsters Challenge

    i think 10 / 10 should not be allowed ..... and 9 / 10 should be allowed only once .....
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    What does National Basketball have to do with National Football?

    It's a big issue for our National Football Team .... but not surprisingly we haven't got any results in recent years ... since we don't have talented players ... we get good defenders and then chaos ... tell a talented striker and a period that we've come out of the last decade ... but ...
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    Value, the big bet of the gambler

    And nothing else .... can I now find the flag of Olympic Lutheran ....
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    Value, the big bet of the gambler

    Arrange for them to tip and then I have to keep my promise !!!
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    Value, the big bet of the gambler

    Dude if you go out and never end up somewhere I'll go down the streets with the flag of Olympiacos and shout "My Legend My Olympian" .....

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